Monday, July 19, 2010

Hike Deseret Peak

This hike ascends the 11,031 ft summit of Deseret Peak, in the Stansbury Mountains west of Salt Lake City. We don't consider ourselves a "hiking" family, so for us this was a great accomplishment. The kids made it the whole 8 mile and 3,600 ft ascend hike and it was a pretty hard one.

We went with a friend of Terrys, Rusty who is on a quest to hike all 8 Ultra hikes in Utah by the end of the summer (ya I think he may have caught that hikers fever). He brought his amazing 2 dogs and was so patient with the kids the whole way.

The top was absolutely amazing we could see forever in all different directions. It was a challenging hike yet it was gorgous most of the way filled with wildflowers and a few deer on the way back down.

It took us 7 hours roundtrip and boy were we glad to finally be at the bottom. So back to we are more of a boating family then hiking it took us all Sunday to recoop. Thanks Rusty for the invite I am glad we did it.