Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dec 26- Jan 1 Ending one and beginning a new

Monday/Dec 26 - Terry was off work so we headed up to Strawberry to go ice skating and fishing. We had so much fun. I am always amazed at how well the kids can skate around. Terry and I caught so many fish we just couldn't stop. Of course they were usually 21 inch cutthroat trout and we couldn't keep them unless they were 22 inch's. But it was fun anyway!

Tuesday/Dec 27 - Terry stayed home sick! He really never does this but he was so sick the poor boy. So I took the day to recover my house. Never a fun project but always a necessary one after Christmas. Wed was also another day dedicated to the house. I did take a break and go watch Warhorse with mom and dad and the kids. It was good just nice to get away sometimes.

Thurs/Dec 29 - Today Bowdee went snowboarding with Izak to Sundance while I went with mom and dad and the other 2 kids to visit a dear friend of ours. Lovie is my moms long time friend who has no kids or family around so Christmas is kinda a lonely time. So we took her some gifts and just went and visited for the day.

Fri/Dec 30 - We started the day going horse back riding with my dad and the kids. Then I took them to Trafalga to play laser tag down in Provo at Laser Assault. That was fun, I think I would have won but my jacket wasn't working...... ;) Then we came home and I got all dressed and ready for my hot date. We had some friends invite us to dinner at Magleby's Fresh in Orem. The Harris's are some amazing people so fun to be with and always making us laugh.

Sat/Dec 31 - The last day of the year. I hate to see such a great year end. We had so much fun this year with so many good memories. But we are looking forward to a new year with new experiences. We spent the night together as a family we had a nice Steak dinner, played board games (which happens rarely in this family because Terry hates them), we danced to the x-box, watched a movie, banged some pans and lite firecrackers and sparklers, toasted in a new year and off to bed. It was nice to just be together, but we all missed our friends as well. So thank you 2011 for being so kind to us all!

Dec 19-25 Christmas Week

Monday today my dad offered to take all the grandkids to see Happy Feet 2. My kids love going to the movie because we really don't go that often so they went and had a fabulous time while I finished Christmasing. I dont think my dad realized how much that helped me. But it also helped my brother since he was home sicker then a dog with Strep and the flu!

Later that night me and the kids went to the Beehive home here in AF to do family home evening for the elderly that live there. We planned to do the True Christmas Story (nativity scene) with our neighbor and her 3 amazingly talented boys. I think everyone enjoyed a perfect night full of happy times and memories to be remembered.

After that we quickly delivered our friend gifts and called it a night. We have been blessed with so many great friends. Most of them are BYU fans though, I guess everyone has their downfalls. So this year we thought it would be fun to give them something yummy to enjoy while they watch their BYU games. :)

Tuesday we had a friend of Bowdee's and ours call and invited us to Jump on It in PG. So we went with them and had a ball all of our kids played really well together. She doesn't have a girl but her neice was with her and Matia really liked playing with her. Then the kids got together with the Callaways and had a short playdate before our Thanksgiving Point Christmas dinner at JCW's family date.

Dinner was fun, we just love getting together with this family. They are so down to earth and fun to talk to and all of our kids get along with each other. After dinner we went to see the lights and the line was at least 1&1/2 hours long.
So we drove by really really slowly and then we split up the kids and went home for late night play time. The kids didn't mind missing the lights as long as that meant they got to play longer. Have I mentioned how much I just love having good friends... For us and the kids!

Thursday we were going to make gingerbread houses with Troy... That fell through so instead I quickly made reservations to Wendover and as soon as Terry got home we headed out. We were able to get 2 free rooms with a joining door so we each had our own beds which the kids thought was fabulous. Then Terry, Bowdee and I watched a football game while Tia and Treg watched Disney in the other room. It was too cold for swimming but a nice night away from it all was just what I needed.

Friday we got up had our McDonalds breakfast then headed out. We hit a few stores doing some just fun shopping that we never go to because they are to far north and west like the NPS and Army surplus store then we headed home. All in all it was a great little trip that we all enjoyed then we slept under the Christmas tree together which Bowdee claims as his favorite Christmas tradition.

Christmas Eve we were able to have my family that was too sick to go to our Covington Christmas party come to my house to recieve our gifts from mom and dad. We ate a simple meal, played a few games, did our music recital, performed the nativity, and opened gifts. It was a nice party we just missed the rest of our family.

I was so excited to get the Vitamixer that my parents gave each of us kids. Just lately my mom has really taken her and my dads health seriously. She has changed her and my dads eating habits completely and have seen such a great change that they wanted all of us to see the benefits of eating better. So they helped us by sharing the wonderful world of Vitamix with us. WE LOVE IT!

After the family was gone and the house was clean and quiet again we decided to go see the Temple Square lights. We put it off so long hoping to go on a magical night where it was snowing... Sadly to say we will not be having a white Christmas infact this is the least amount of snow (0.1") measured in December in Salt Lake has ever seen in recorded history.

But the trax ride was fun like always. Temple Square was filled with people oohing and aughing. The light sound of horse hoofs clinking on the road in the distance is always a favorite. And the lights were amazing and suprisingly stunning everytime we see them. What a perfect way to enjoy Christmas Eve.

Christmas Morning! Wow I survived a night of tossing and turning in my bed with butterflys dancing in my tummy all night with excitement. As Matia did the same thing in Tregs room. She and I both didn't sleep a wink all night. Terry threatened me that next year he is making me sleep with the kids. Matia and I both heard Santa stirring about and probably made him sweat with hussle so he could get finished without being peeked upon. We noticed things were not quite the way they have always been. Like the letters were left behind, cookies barely touched, the reindeer food WAS untouched, and our stockings were still under the blankets not on top like usual... I told Terry next year I will try to be better about not tossing around.

At 4:45 Matia just couldn't take it any longer so she awoke her brothers and they all bounded through our door. We called mom and dad Covington to make sure they were going to make our 5:00am plan and they were up and at it coming as fast as they could (still surprised the kids woke up that early). As soon as they came we took our picture and started with the youngest... Treg always gets to go first.

Treg got the "Red Camera that does video too" from Santa and an electric guitar from Terry and I. Matia got the "animal jam membership" she had asked Santa for, and a wheelchair for her american girl doll from us. Bowdee did get his Sundance Year Ski Pass from Santa, and a Snowboard from us. Grandpa got a stationary bike w/ shoes. And Grandma got her vitamixer and a nice jacket.

Terry & I both got new Sorel Snowboots. I guess Santa thought we needed a new pair... Terry's were 20 years old and mine were 15, so I guess he was right. But I love love love the fat boy cowboy boots Terry bought me and he loved the new hiking boots I gave him. So I guess it was the year of the boots for us.

Terry and I bought the kids an X-Box 360 which they absolutely LOVE. I told them I didn't want to get one until the basement was finished. But I gave in because I didn't want Santa to beat me to the punch. It was the best Christmas of my life. My childhood Christmas's were always magical but this was incredible to see that special light in each of my childrens eyes. I am so thankful for all 3 of my amazing children. They mean the world to me.