Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov 1-6 Girls Night Out & Bowdee Ordination

Friday I was invited to join my friends on a spur of the moment Girls Over Nighter. Terry being the sweet understanding man that he is was instantly excited for me. Sometimes I just wonder if he gets excited to get a break from me. So I went and enjoyed a sweet Village Baker lunch date with him before I headed out with my friends.

Then I met up with my friends for a nice relaxing night in Draper. We stayed at Holly's Aunts house that she rents out. We really didn't have any plans other then to just chill, relax, and just enjoy a night off. We had dinner at Red Robin on of our favorites then picked up a couple red box movies and headed back to the house.

Saturday morning we slept in and stayed in our jammies until 12:00. Which is really unheard of for a bunch of moms. But it sure felt nice not to be on a dead run. Treg had a basketball game, Bowdee had a scouts event, and Terry sent me a text saying 3 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, a batch of apples, cutting deer roasts, made the kids "real breakfast", dug out basketball standard hole, took Bowdee to football championships (which was changed) all before 2:00.

I started feeling guilty but man it sure felt good to not be responsible for all that "stuff". We girls had lunch at Panda Express then made some clipboards for Christmas gifts. Watched Sunday at Tiffanys and then I just had to head back home to watch the Utes game with my boys. I have to say that is something I really enjoy, to watch a good Utes game with Bowdee and Terry. Jolynn and Troy even joined us which ended up with Jaysha, Baylee and Tayla sleeping over.

I do love my nieces sleeping over, we have so much fun. Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for church. It was fun to have all the girls want to be twiners. As I was blow drying their hair and doing it all fancy, with lipstick, and perfume Matia says "this is so fun I feel like we are getting ready for a dance". I just thought in my head heaven help us all it will be here before we know it....

We made it to church and today was special because Treg got to give his first talk in primary. He did so good, he was so brave and Baylee even got up there and helped him in front of all these strangers. His talk was about how reverence shows Jesus we love him. Which is a perfect talk for Treg because he is one of the most reverent kids in his primary.

Right after our classes we meet at the bishops office for Bowdee's Aaronic Priestood Ordination. What a special day for Bowdee to make such an important decision. He had all 4 of his Grandparents there, and his 3 cousins (Jaysh, Bay, and Tay) and of course his immediate family and Bishop Rich. Bowdee I am so proud of your decision, you are such an amazing boy and I just pray you will continue to make good decisions.