Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice Fishin' Strawberry w/ Troys

So we headed up to Strawberry this morning to see if we could catch anything. So we set up the shack at about 21ft deep so we would be close to the hill to watch the kids sled yet deep enough to hopefully catch some fish. We set up at about 11:00 and tore down around 5:30 it was 1 degree when we started driving home.
It was cold but with the shack and heaters we kept pretty warm. The kids sled most of the day.

Of course Matia put in the most fishing hours. She watched that fish finder and was sure to tell us when and where the fish were.
Between Troys 6 poles and our 5 poles we only caught 1 fish the whole day. It was surely a keeper though a nice Cutthrout at 23" and about 3 lbs.
Terry and Troy had so much fun fighting this fish and getting it out of the hole. Then they just played with it like little boys until they gutted it.
These are some quality cousin moments I hope it helps build friendships that last FOREVER!
Treg and Terry getting ready to head back to the truck. We love the snowmobile. Check out Tregs red cheekies, yes it was cold.
Of course we all hit Wendy's for a nice cheap dinner. Man I love these moments, we had a great time. Thanks again Terry for getting us all up and out of here to have some fun.