Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Feb 25th-Mar 3 Snowboarding

Feb 27th - I realized something today... My cute little Matia is really growing up. I went to her school today to watch her do her State Presentation. She has been working on a slide show to present her 8 page state report to her class. She did amazing she stood at that computer full of confidence, spoke clearly, did her report with personality and it was simply amazing. I am so proud of my little girl for always doing her best. You sure made me proud today Matia keep it up! after Matia's presentation, I stayed home mostly cleaning the house and making a yummy dinner for some wonderful guests. Terry's mom, dad, aunt Jeanette, and uncle Werner were coming over to visit.
  Right before they were expected to be here Matia needed help with the feeding because Robbie and Trigger were together and they can be trouble together... So I went out to help her and noticed Robbie was stealing all of Triggers food so I was taking it from Robbie and giving it back when he got angry and hit me with his head and cut my eye lid open. I came in and Terry said it should have stitches but we had visitors coming so we cleaned off all the blood and super glued it shut. I won't mind the scar, after all I am a rancher now!

We had a great visit with Terry's parents and Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Werner. They are some amazing people ones that are always welcome in our house. I was excited to hear they could stay for dinner because that just meant they would have to stay longer and we could visit more. Love these peoples! Feb 28th - In preschool we had a fun day with our Dr. Seuss party. Man he sure had some good advice through his stories. But after my fun day teaching those darling little kids Chris and I met up with Mindy for lunch at Rumbis then a quick visit to check out my new farm house. Ya its not new but it smells new and looks new inside. I still remember when I met Mindy in the 7th grade she was a friend of my friends and I just new we would always be friends. Love ya girls!
March 1st - I woke up and got the kids all but in the car when I decided I just didn't want to be responsible today. Nope it was one of those days I just wanted to be an irresponsible kid... So I told the kids to get their snowboarding gear we were headed to Brighton. Bowdee was already to school and I knew he didn't want to miss school anyway (dang responsible boy). Matia and Treg couldn't believe what they just heard but they didn't miss a beat and sure didn't ask any questions. Dropped their backpacks and got their gear so fast I was the last one ready. Made some hot chocolate grabbed their lunch bags and away we went up the mountain! Man I just can't tell you how good it felt to step away from it all and have some fun. I just wish my other boys could have been with us. My Matia and Treg were so fun and SO good! I couldn't believe when I told Matia she was going to have to get off the lift alone she said "Yep I can totally do my best mom" even though she was really nervous about it. Then I told her she needs to learn to do her bindings by herself and she said "I can do that". It so seriously so fun! I just wish I could escape with them every Friday... But I have a feeling the school office ladies would start catchin onto me when they showed up sick every Friday. March 2nd Saturday - Treg's game was first and he was excited because Grandma and Grandpa Covington were coming to watch him play. So he was playing his best and doing great I must add. When he got elbowed in the eye right at the end of the game. He was holding back the tears trying to be tough. When he was finished my mom gave him a big hug and was telling him how great he played. I realized right then a saying I heard once before had never been truer. "Grandmothers are a little bit parent, a little bit teachers, and a little bit Best Friends." My mom always knows the right thing to say at the right time. She will never know how much I look up to her. I wish I could hide my crazy, pull myself together and be more like her. Matia and Treg had their last basketball games today. And I have to say they both have improved so much this year I am sad to see it come to an end. Matia's sweet coach gave her a "Basketball Warrior award" for having so much spirit in her game she never gives up. Then they made a darling 12x12 scrapbook page of action shots and a team photo. We love her coach and team and we are so sad this season is over. I have to agree she does play with a Great Amount of Spirit!
After the bball games and a quick Subway lunch I took a quick horseback ride with my dad, Tia, and Bowdee. We just rode around the arena and then down to Aunt Dixies. But it was just enough to feel alive. Dad rode my Mom's Horse Misty ("Mysteriously enticing like the mist on the sea, will never dampen your spirits, a friend she will be.") My dad looked so tall and proud on that horse he sure shines when he rides. March 3rd Sunday - The kids took their time getting out to feed the horses in the morning. It could have been because they could smell my yummy blueberry muffins baking and the mixer making a delicious Orange Julius. They finally made it out there and noticed there was water running out of the ground so they came in and told us about it. We went out to deal with it, what a huge mess it was like a lake in our back yard. Water everywhere or more like mud. Bowdee and Terry dug down to find the broken pipe while Tia, Treg and I shovelled hay trying to save it from getting to wet and ruined. Then Bowdee says mom I feel like we are pretty good first time farmers. And I would have to agree with him 100percent. Pretty good. There is nothing we can't do when we work together.