Monday, August 27, 2012

August 20-26 School Starts :(

August 20th, Monday today was the 7th graders optional short day. Where they could go to school to see where their classes were and lockers and just check things out before the 8th graders and 9th graders were there. I was so excited for Bowdee because I remember being so excited for Jr. High. But, I was so sad for myself it is such a mixed emotions. I was scared for him, yet excited, yet sad that he is growing up. I love my little Bowdee and I am so sad he is becoming so big.

August 21st, Tuesday today elementary school started and it was a full day for Bowdee. Let the games begin of friend drama, homework, forgotten lunch bags, bad days, and flat bike tires. Oh I never look forward to the first day of school. I always get so sad watching them go off to a new year, just one year closer to being gone. But they had a fantastic time at school, all of them. They loved their teachers and friends and were excited to be back to a routine of things.

August 22nd, Wednesday Happy Birthday was a very familiar saying today. I had so many friends calling, texting, facebooking, coming over and leaving messages to wish me a happy day. I feel so lucky to have such great friends. I spent the morning at Steven Regins in SLC getting the water pump fixed for the well, then to lunch and shopping with Kami and Mom :) They always make me so happy. Then to a soccer game of Tregs. Then Terry made me pizza and we opened gifts then off to the farm to bleach the mold and install the pump... WOW what a busy day but even though I am 38 I handled it like a pro.

August 23rd, Thursday This morning I had to go touch up the paint on the farm house. And of course I always do a little more then planned so I spent 3 hours trying to make it look good. Then down at the farm after soccer practice we had Terry, Dad, Kyle and Clayton all trying to figure out the electrical problem and we just couldn't figure it out. We spent like 5 hours down there searching for the answer but still no clue.

August 24th, Friday What a fun treat Tara and Mindee took me out for lunch. Man what good friends you know we understand each other when one gives me a work out video and one gives me face cream. Terry was slightly jealous because of how excited I was to get them but he knew if it came from him it would have been insulting! He came home at lunch pulled off the pump and brought it home and it worked. So that told us it was the electrical not the pump. Rocky Mountain came out and found they had a bad neutralizer so they spent 6 hours fixing it and wow everything seems to be working!

August 25th, Saturday Today was Bowdee's first Football game of they year. It's crazy how much bigger the other boys on the line has gotten. But Bowdee is strong and he doesn't let them toss him around, he plays a great center. They won against PG 31-6 so it was fun to watch. Then we came home and showed the Pilot to some buyers, cleaned the boat to sell, then went to the farm to fix the propane. Of course we couldn't get it going so I guess we will come back again tomorrow to see what is wrong.

August 26th, Sunday We spent the day at the farm it was a long hard day of work pulling weeds, fixing the propane hookups, cleaning cabinets and window gutters. But I tell you what the dream I can see in my mind of that place and what it is going to be is well worth all the work we are putting into it. I am just hoping all my children will enjoy this dream I have for them. I know Tia will for sure and hopefully the boys will too! So now the furnace won't work so dad came down to see if he could help us figure it out. It seems like everything we attempt to do has issues. I hope this is a sign of a forgotten farm not a sign of how things are going to be forever!