Monday, July 16, 2012

July 2-15 2nd Month of Summer

July 2nd, I just can't believe it is the 2nd month of summer already! But here we go Monday I had a dental appointment then I spent the rest of the day cleaning unpacking and packing to go camping at Gooseberry for the 4th of July like we always do. When Terry came home we spent the night welding the trailer trying to fix it. I LOVE MY TRAILER! We also found out that the contract on the home fell through and they were most likely going to accept our counter offer.

July 3rd, They accepted our offer!!! So this means we have to sign the papers and then financing... They had 3 other offers so we feel privileged that they accepted ours. Then at 3:15 it was time to go work the swim meet. So away I went and Terry brought the kids at 4:30. They all swam really good... Bowdee took 1st in 200 IM at 3:28.72, 2nd in Boys 50 Back at 46.29, 1st in 100 Fly at 1:52.26. Matia took 1st in 100 Freestyle

July 4th, I am so sad with all the wild fires around lately we have decided to bag the Gooseberry camping trip because they will not allow campfires in undeveloped campgrounds. So today we instead finished fixing the trailer, Finished the tile in basement, mom and dad C. took the kids to watch Chimpanzee, and then we went to some friends to watch the Thanksgiving Fireworks. So not really the 4th of July like I enjoy but it was ok.

July 5th, Its official we are under contract with all the papers signed for the farm. We have until the 30th to back out due to water or arena issues, then till Aug. 15th to close. We are so excited we just hope everything works out like we hope. There is so much for me to learn about with the irrigation, well water rights, arena building ordinances, and inspections but if this is meant to be I really believe everything will turn out ok.

July 7th, Since we were unable to go to Gooseberry we made reservations with the Garricks to camp at Timpanokee Campground so we could enjoy a fire. They only had one night available so we went up Saturday and came home Sunday. It was a good time just sitting by the campfire talking and watching the kids all play and eat smores! The camping was beautiful and it was close enough that we decided to hit the lake Sunday afternoon.
So we went to Utah lake and it was pretty crazy because the line wasn't going anywhere when we went to put in... Come to find out some guy backed his nice truck into the lake and it was sitting on the ramp completely under water. This was their second time taking out their NICE boat and they messed up their truck and trailer. Crazy people. But we had a perfect day on the lake with no complaining at all!
July 9th we woke up early because today is the day Bowdee left for his first week long trip away from home. He went to boys scout camp until Saturday. I am not sure how I feel about this I almost wanted to climb in his bag just in case he needed me while he was gone. I know he will have fun but its just such a long time. He has such great leaders that I am really not worried about him but I will just miss the crap out of him. Terry took a 1/2 day off work to drive the trailer and some of the boys to the camp.
July 12th, Every year Terry and Troy go on a boys trip for a few days and this year they decided to leave today and take the trailer to Strawberry to do a little fishing. It is suppose to be a wet rainy weekend and no campfires unless in a designated campsite so that is why they chose Strawberry. They had a good time playing on their new pantoons. The skies would clear out for a little then rain again.
They said the fishing was really bad! This was about the extent of their catch. Troy was really proud of this one. It was so big he had a hard time fighting it to shore... :)
The thing with these 2 boys they sure know how to have a good time no matter what they are doing. Whether the fishing is good or not so good they will find something to keep them occupied.
While they were gone me and my girls went to work. Tonja came down for almost the whole week to help me sort through my junk and put on a yard sale to get rid of alot of extra stuff I have accumulated through the 9 years we have been at this house. It was alot of work and without her and Hollys help I could have never done it. We cleaned out the whole basement to get ready to carpet it and possibly move.
Tonja is simply amazing! This is her, anything for a silly photo, she is puffing on a fake cig actin like WT at our yard sale just to make me laugh! She has 5 kids and she is always there for me no matter when or where. She is always upbeat and such a hard worker. I don't think I have ever heard her complain about anything. I Love this girl like crazy! Thank you Tonja for helping me keep my head together this weekend.
After 2 long days of yard sales and it was all said and done all the junk cleaned up and gone to DI. We sat down to count all the cash we had made. I came out $1200 ahead which really isn't bad for stuff that has just been sitting around in my basement and attic. I tell you what though I have really learned that I am only going to buy the stuff I REALLY NEED! I am done with EXTRA!
Tonja even took me up for a quick visit to the man I love most. I know I am not allowed on "Boys Weekends" but I just missed my boy so bad and it was just too tempting to just accidentally drop in for a quick kiss and hug. Of course I knew Troy wouldn't mind. We had planned to play some cards but... the boys were just too tired so we visited for just a second and then left. See this girl would do anything for me! I hope she knows if the tables were turned I would be there for her as well.
July 15th after a weekend of mostly work and no play I was not about to make dinner. So I took the kids to Ihop with a certificate given to us by another dear friend. The kids have never been there and they really enjoyed it. Then we redboxed the John Carter movie, got some movie treats, got in our "Ta-Stays", and cuddled up to a good movie. Now that is how we like to work,work,work,relaaaxxx. When you finally get to the relaxing it feels just so GREAT!