Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 1-15, 2012

May 4th my sweet niece graduated from college with her associates degree. Ya she graduated from college before she did high school she has been taking classes at the college at SUU for some time now and since I couldn't make it to her high school grad I drove down to Cedar with my mom, dad and Kami. It was a fun drive we got there kinda late and just chilled. AJ has a girlfriend and we were told by Mike to behave ourselves.. I guess we Covingtons can be pretty loud and scary. So we did as we were told... I think, at least AJ said we didn't embarrass him and went to be.
The next morming I sure enjoyed a run with my two sisters. My dad even tagged along which was fun. All of us love working out and staying healthy but since Kathy lives so far away we don't ever get to enjoy it together so it was fun to share our common interest with each other. This is a regular run that I will never forget it was a good one. I do LOVE my sisters.
Then it was off to Angela's graduation celebrations. They do a cool walk from one side of campus to the next with bagpipes playing. Pretty cool then the ceremony which is never really fun except the part we yelled for Ang and made her face turn all red! Then out for photos and a fun little luncheon at their house. It was a great day one I am glad I was there to witness and let my Ang I am so proud of her. I am not sure what my sister is going to do with all her kids graduated from high school now... Pretty crazy While I was gone with my family Terry was home with the kids working his little fanny off. There is a very little part of our yard that has been unfinished since we moved in. We have been wanting to do it but we just have been so busy so finally I found some sod on KSL for 20$ and Terry finished the sprinklers and finished our yard. It felt so good to come home and see it complete and of course it looks FABULOUS! Thanks babe.
The next project we started working on was the tile in the basement kitchen. We found some really cool stuff that was on clearance at Lowe's and we went for it. It is crazy how much goes into laying the tile in a basement. But of course Terry knows what he is doing and with a little help he was well on his way. I am not sure we will have time to finish it the rest of the month gets pretty hairy with a busy schedule but at least it is started.
Wow looking back this month flew by. But during the moment it felt like I would never see the end of the month. Preparing for preschool graduation, yearbooks, dvd's, rehearsals, it was crazy but on May 10th that day came and I graduated 29 of the cutest preschool kids ever. I have really enjoyed this year, teaching them, getting to know them better, and listening to their silly stories was so much fun. I will truly miss them but I hope the best for them as they move up in life.
Friday night Terry and I had a date night and went for a drive out to Grantsville to have dinner with his parents for mothers day. Terry grilled an awesome butter salmon on some grilling planks as I finished putting together a nice salad. It was a nice relaxing night for all of us to sit around a table and eat and chat. We are so lucky to have such a special woman in our lives.
The 12th was a very special day. Jaysha and Alysa both chose to be baptized into our church. They have both taken the missionary lessons and have made the decision this was best for them. Alysa is 11 and Jaysha is 9 (almost 10) and they are both cute girls who I adore. Baylee will be turning 8 in July and I think it would have been special to have them all baptized together but oh well Baylee will have her own special day in a month or two. Love you girls remember to keep choosing the right.
For mother's day Terry pulled our trailer up to Strawberry for a quick over nighter. He sure knows me well I love camping and I love fishing so this way we got to do both and it was fabulous! The fishing was slow the next morning but I didn't mind, my sweet children and husband spoiled me with gifts and love and attention and it was a wonderful weekend. It's just always hard coming back to reality! Thank you family for the sweet mothers Day get-a-way, I loved every minute of it.
After we came home we headed over to my mom's house to give her a little love. My mom is just amazing I love the way she adores flowers, birds, nature, rainbows, music and Yellowstone. She has always been a soft spoken sweet understanding mother. She hates bad words and bad dreams. She cherishes her childhood memories and loves her children and grand children. This is my mom, she amazes me and I love her with all my heart! Happy mothers day mom.