Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dec 5-11 Scout Campout = Girls Party Time

Monday for family home evening we made Christmas Candy. We thought this would be a good idea however, it left way to much "to die for fudge" and "delicious divinity" in our fridge. And when you are waking up at 5:30 am to go work out this is not really the type of food you want laying around. But we sure had fun as a family making it. We just wish we had more hours in a day so we could have watched a fun Christmas movie with it.

So the rest of the week was spent preparing for this weekend it started on Thurs as Terry went to play poker with the boys and I took Tia to dance. Then Friday he got off at 3:30 and went on a scout campout in the cold december night down toward Delta. They had a good time trilobyte hunting and chillin at the hot pots down there.

But I just don't think anyone realizes how hard it is for Terry and I to be away from each other for that long. We just miss each other and long to be together again. Treg and Tia had a hard time knowing Terry and Bowdee were going trilobyte hunting without them. But didn't really feel like sleeping in a cold tent either so they were fine staying with me.

When he left I went to dinner with my friends to celebrate Christmas. So it was nice to see everyone and pass out gifts. I have to say I have some of the best friends in the world. Friends who are so stinking creative and they can make me laugh out loud wether I am with them or not. Just thinking about them makes me laugh. I love ya girls!

Saturday was filled with shopping with my mom and sister. We had a good time and it always seems to be easier for Terry to be away when I am spending lots of money. So it was fun and we always have a good time. Terry and Bowdee finally made it home around 9:15 just in time for bed. It was so nice to have him and Bowdee back!

Sunday Kyle invited the kids over to watch the Eagles game and play with the girls which was perfect because I had some friends ask me to take their photos. Which I didn't mind because these 3 friends I KNOW will not go get their family photos done unless I do it... It just doesn't happen, and it was fun to be with them.

They all have darling kids and I love every one of these cute faces. I know I am no professional but if it will get their family photos taken then that is all that really matters! Besides it is one more hour I got to spend with them. Now a days it is so hard to get together so if we have to bring the whole family along so be it.

Yes it was fun but so glad it is done! Love you girls otherwise I wouldn't have done it. Hugs and kisses...