Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov 7-13 Bowdee's 1st Utes Game

Friday Matia was invited to go to Disney on Ice with her friend Lance. She was so excited to be invited. It was so nice of Lances mom to let her tag along with her 4 kids like she didn't have enough kids to shuffle around. But she sure enjoyed ever minute of it, I just wish I could have been there, it sounds like so much fun.

Bowdee and I spent about 2 hours cleaning and rearranging his room. He has a love hate relationship with his room. He knows that is his whole responsibilities to keep it clean so he hates that but he LOVES it when it is clean and organized. Now he just needs to slow down and clean as he goes!

Wow, Treg really tore it up at his game on Saturday morning. He made 3 baskets and just played amazingly. It was kinda like I was watching a little Stockton. He was quick and fast and accurate. They even had him stacked up against the biggest kid on their team and he just took it to them. So much fun to see his talents developing. Way to go John... I mean Treg.

Thanks to my brother Kyle, Terry was able to take Bowdee to his first Utes game. As you probably know Bowdee has always been a die hard Utes fan since he found out I went to school there. But he has never attended a game. Well Kyle had 2 extra tickets and just knew he would make his nephew the happiest boy ever if he passed them on to us. So after Bowdee's practice scrimmage game they dressed warm and headed to the game.

I took Tia and Treg out to Troys house and watch the game with him. Which I have to admit he is a cool cat to hang out with. We had pizza, listened to the kids destroying his house, ate pizza and Troy even got a pedicure!
When the game started and we heard it was the first snow game at Utah since 2008 and the whole stadium was covered in snow I really wasn't that sad to be missing it.

Bowdee and Terry had a great time! The Utes won the game 31-6 against UCLA, they ran into Kyle, and enjoyed a JCW's burger after the game I was just happy for Bowdee to be able to share his first football game with his dad. How fun for them.

Sunday Terry and Bowdee spent the day mixing and pouring concrete for the basketball standard. It doesn't look like it would have taken long but they were out there for a good 4 hours working. I was in the house making these cool posters for Tia and Treg.
When we went to Bowdee's end of football party and they handed out these posters Terry had a great idea to do one for all the kids. It took longer then I thought but was fun to do.

This is what the poster that Bowdee got at his party looked like. The one we fell in love with and just had to have some for the other kids. Thanks again to the wonderful football moms that made it all possible.