Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wow I still can't beieve it was 16 years ago that Terry and I made those sacred vows. To love and cherish each other for the rest of our lives. We have had an amazing life together so far. I am excited to see what the next 16 years will bring. But I do know I have loved the last 16 years even though there have been struggles, they only seem to bring us closer somehow in the long run. I do love being married to my best friend, the one I can truely be myself around and I know he will keep loving me. Love you baby thanks for all you have taught me and experienced in life with me this far. xoxo forever!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yellowstone 2012 May 24-28

So here are just a few of our most favorite memories. This year we shared our vacation with Mom and Dad Covington and Troy and his girls. It was great we had a memorable Idaho Falls with these 2 Canadian Geese that had like 100 goslings. They were so dang cute they just kept coming and coming. The blossoms on the trees were beautiful as the air was filled with excitement to begin our vacation.

We got to West Yellowstone and we were all starving so Gpa took the kids swimming because they just couldn't wait one more minute and we responsible adults went to get KFC which Treg has been begging us for since we went to Gma Townsends and she shared some with us back in Feb. So that was the highlight of the first day of our trip.

The kids woke up early ate a quick breakfast and headed to the pool before check out time. Mom and I went for a little shopping downtown West Yellowstone and had to check the roads since it was snowing and we weren't sure if it would still be open. Then we headed back to the hotel and had to pry the children away from the pool. But they were all excited to get to the park and see what there was to see.
Once we got into the park we headed to Mammoth to get our cabins and of course they were not ready yet so we headed to Tower for a quick drive. This was the first year that the Tower Gift Shop was not open so we walked to the falls and then headed back to Mammoth. And on our way to Mammoth....
We saw this amazing site. This young bear was so cute playing by the road side exploring the trees and playing peek a boo with the people watching him. The rangers had scared him off earlier that day but he came back for more. He wasn't shy at all and we sure had a good time watching him, all within reach of our car doors!
The next morning we woke up to at least 6-8 inches of fresh snow covering the grounds. That morning walk to the bathrooms was not the best of memories. So we headed to the ranger station to see what the road conditions were like and well this is what we saw....
Yep it was official we were stuck there in Yellowstone so we watched some movies in the ranger station and looked through their museum and just spent time shopping and eating ice creams. Then we took a drive over to Lamar Valley. There we saw off in the distance 2 wolves frolicking in the fields.
This was also the first year that the Slough Creek campground was closed so we parked it by the trail head and ate our lunch. It was a crazy time with the weather not knowing what it would do from snow to sunshine moment by moment. I guess it kept us on our toes. The Mountain Goats were fun to pull over and watch for a while.
It was kinda sad to leave Yellowstone that last day we woke up to more snow and the kids loved saying good bye to their Yellowstone Snowman friend. This year it seemed to be another Yellowstone in Wintertime. We got our fill of bear watching and snowplows.
But I can't remember Mammoth being quite so amazing the snow really brought out such beautiful coloring it reminded me of how it was during my childhood when I would just stare at it and all I could think of was the most amazing Carmel sundaes. Oh how many wonderful childhood memories I have of this place.
On our way to Jackson Hole we stopped by Old Faithful for Troy and his girls. This was their first experience at Old Faithful so I busted out the stick on mustaches and was determined to make this a memory they would never forget. Of course Old Faithful was as amazing as ever. Never disappointing!
The kids were so excited to go swimming we made a quick stop at Wendy's then down to the pool for the rest of the night. Dad Covington was amazed at the ability that both Troy and Terry have of staying underwater for so long. So of course we had to have a few competitions, I was the official timer and I just couldn't help myself watching them all floating around was just too silly to pass up a good photo.
The next day we checked out then went shopping. Dad and Mom decided the kids all needed some special souvenir to remind them forever of this fun trip we all shared together. So these are the sweet necklaces they bought them for that sweet reminder of all the fun times we had. I am just so grateful to have parents who love us for who we are and who care to be part of our lives!
We drove home the longer way so we could enjoy the views of Bear Lake... Man I miss this place. We stopped and enjoyed some good old Raspberry shakes before we jumped back into the car to finish out our amazing Yellowstone trip of 2012.

May 16-24, 2012

SwimTeam - I can't believe it is time already but we had swim tryouts this week. I hope that they all make the team because I feel like swimming is such an important thing in life. Especially for our family that enjoys so many water activities. My hope is that if my kids ever want to do something with it in the future then I have given them the ability by sacrificing a little bit of our summer days to becoming better swimmers. Good luck kiddos. May 18th was Matia's 4th grade handcart trek. She has been excited for this for 2 years now since Bowdee got to go on his. So we made her a pioneer bonnet and apron to go on her dress from last years oral report and she looked amazing. The morning of the trek the skys were blue and no breeze. So I sent her off knowing I would see her again at lunch time as I was going to help serve. About after an hour the wind came in blowing like crazy, which brought with it the cold front, then the rain and it rained hard. I just kept thinking those poor pioneers they didn't get to choose the weather either. Matia was tough and she made it through like a real cowgirl. Love you Tia May 19th My first Tri - You would think since I have been training for this day for the last 7 months I would be ready... Well I was so nervous, at the last minute Kami dogged me after hurting her ankle so I was flying solo. Terry, Matia, and Treg came up to take photos and cheer me on. They were great they stayed through the whole thing and kept me going. I knew with them there I had no choice but to do my best, because I always expect them to do their best I had to give them my best. The Woman of Steel Triathalon was fabulous it was perfectly organized that I didn't have any questions when it started. It was a swim of 300meters, 13 mile bike ride, and 3 mile run. I got distracted by a lady jumping in front of me at the last minute for the swim and forgot to put my goggles on, then I waited for the right moment to pass her. I could have hustled faster during transitions, and I should have been more aggressive in passing on the bikes. But being that this was my first rodeo and I took 4th in my division I felt pretty good about it. I think I might even do another one sometime and I am now looking for a used road bike. CRAZY My finish time was 1:21:09 I missed 3rd place by 10 seconds.... May 19th also marked the last day of this soccer season. It was a fun season, all the kids did fabulous and hopefully next year we get coaches and teams as good as we had this year. I love soccer for the kids because if they play it right it teaches them team work, lots of exercise, and hard work. I wish they had a soccer team for me to play on when I was a kid. I am so thankful my kids have had the opportunity to play this sport and I am so thankful they have all enjoyed it so I get to watch them. :) After all the soccer games and a baseball scrimmage, Terry and I were able to break away for a little anniversary/post triathlon celebration. We stayed at the nugget for free did our free $55.00 each gambling and a little dancing that night. Then the next morning we played the penny slots "just for a couple minutes and only 20$ each" we walked away 2 hours later and I had won $170.00! Now that was making me smile. We have never had so much fun on the penny slots. May 22nd has always been a special day for me, it's my moms birthday! I have always enjoyed buying her gifts and making her feel special. I guess it is because she has always made me feel so special. So my dad planned a birthday party for her, she can't remember her last birthday party, so that made it super special. I didn't have anything special to give her because I always find the perfect gift when we are in Yellowstone on our vacation together. But it was a fun night spending time with the family watching my dad get all giddy to give his gift to her. Mom I am so glad you have chose to live such a good life. We love you so much and would never trade a thing about you! But one of my favorite parts of the night is we had our piano recital for all 6 of moms piano students. She started teaching Bowdee piano 2 years ago after I talked and talked her into it. Ever since then she has gained one here and another there until she has started teaching 6 of her grandkids piano. And every night that they go to bed after having piano w/ grandma it has always been the best part of their day. I am so grateful that they have this special hour a week alone with grandma for her to make such an impact on their lives. She is an amazing teacher and best friend my kids could have. THANK YOU MOM, for giving them such a special experience! May 23rd was another fun day at our house. It was the 6th grade Renaissance Fair at school where they have all sorts of Renaissance activities for the 6th graders. Bowdee chose to be a Jester and of course I couldn't just let him use his clown costume to play the part I had to make this Jester costume for him. Then I went and helped serve them at their special lunch, and set up his and Adi's store. They made so much money that they actually came home that day and made a Youtube video of what to do with all their earnings. After school I had time to go grocery shopping for our vacation and then when Matia got home we got to go to a fun Mothers Daughter Activity Days Achievement night together. They focused on health and exercise and had a good friend of mine come and teach us about jump roping and how easy it can be to do exercise and then another good friend of mine gave us a quick ballet exercise lesson and oh my gosh that was a fun yet good workout. I just have to say I am so thankful to be Matia's mother she is such a darling girl with such a caring heart. Thank you Matia for teaching me so much about life. I love you!