Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 19-25 Terry's Week

Sunday- was Fathers day so we had planned to go boating however, it was windy and the AF boat harbor road was closed due to the road being washed out by the flooding... So we bagged boating and we headed to Grantsville to wish Terrys grandpa Hager, and dad a happy fathers day. We stopped at the Beehive home first to visit Grandpa. He is doing great still wanting to go back home. He did fall yesterday and hit his poor eye on the dresser and hurt his back. So he wasn't as "Happy" as he usually is.

Then we headed to Terry's dads house to visit him. He is doing so great after his surgery. You see last week on Tuesday he had his prostate removed due to cancer. We went to visit him that day and then the next morning he was headed home. He is doing AMAZING! I have to say I am so thankful for all the technology we have these days to catch cancer in its early stages. The visit we had with them was great!

Of course we couldn't just go home so we went to the Grantsville reservoir to try some fishing. Troys family was out there with us so the kids were playing more then fishing but as long as they were having a good time is all we cared about. We didn't catch anything and headed home. Terry thank you for being such a wonderful father to our kids. They are so lucky to have you in their lives! THANK YOU!

Monday- Since we were not able to wish my dad a happy fathers day yesterday, I invited him over for dinner tonight. I made one of Terry's favorite which is Alice Spring Chicken. I have to say my dad is amazing! He is so full of love, energy and spirit. He truely cares for and enjoyes every minute he spends with my children which shows how he loves me. Thanks Dad for always being so amazing!

Tuesday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY!!! What an amazing husband I have! Everyday he continues to shock me at the many talents he has. I feel bad for him almost because he can do so many things himself it puts more pressure on the boy. He never feels like he can justify paying someone to fix his car... Since he can do it. Repairs on the house, sprinklers, basement upgrades, building, everything... I just never have to worry because I have so much faith in him. Thank you Terry for being the man you are and being in my life... I love you so much! Just think one more year and you will be an old man. So you better really enjoy this year.

Wednesday- First swim meet of the season! So the kids did a fabulous job on their first swim meet of the season. Bowdee did the 200 IM and the 100 Butterfly which he set new summer records for both. Then he took first in the 100 Breast. Amazing swimmer he is. Matia did great on her 50 free, 50 Breast and 50 Fly. She really really didn't want to do the 50 Fly but she did it for me... Good job Tia. Treg did the 50 free, 25 Breast and 25 Fly. He took 1st on 2 of them and 3rd on the other. We love the competition and time to spend with each other.

Saturday- I was looking on the Steel Days website for information about the 5K. When I read "Soap Box Race" what is that" Terry about flipped out "What are you serious? Where, When tell me all about it." So needless to say I printed all the information out and after playing the Bill Cosby Go Cart clip for us he headed for the garage followed by his 3 little ones... They spent the rest of the weekend (which was supose to be a 3 hour project) building this soap box. Tuesday is the inspections so we had to get it all completed by then. What do we do with these men once they get an idea in their heads??? I will tell ya... the only way to get it out of their head is by letting them do it. And being as supportive as you can along the way. I may complain but in reality I couldn't think of a better way to spend the windy weekend with him in the garage teaching the kids all about building a soap box!