Saturday, February 12, 2011

Boat Show 2011

Every year we look forward to going to the boat show... Not because we are interested in getting a new boat. I think it is more about dreaming together as a family and seeing the nice things we can get if we keep working hard. We really enjoy boating together and so it is fun to dream about it as well. We also like going and meeting Pro Wake boarders and yes my boys want to be just like them. But whenever we have met a pro boarder they have always been some of the nicest people I have ever met. They show interest in my kids and they talk to us like we are their friends. I have been so impressed with their personalities. I feel like a stocker when we go there asking the Marine Product workers who are the pro boarders that are there that day. Then going and asking them for their signatures, but it does something for Bowdee especially. I think it shows him that they are real people and that they went for their dreams and made it reality. This year we had the opportunity to meet Shaun Watson, Chad Sharpe, and Parks Bonifay. They are all GREAT guys that I am glad my kids got to meet them. We also saw Danny Harf but he skipped out before we shook his hand. So call me a stocker if you want but I think its a great privilege to meet these great guys! We also love watching them do all their tricks and it helps my kids to see even these guys sometimes biff it. Okay maybe that helps me feel better about my wipe outs then it helps them. Never the less we had a great night looking through boats, dreaming about the good times on the lake, meeting new friends, and watching the fish swim in the tank. We especially LOVED the UTES boat this year.