Monday, December 17, 2012

Dec 10-16 Christmas Parties

Dec 14th Friday - Tonight Treg had a party with his church class. They had a fun time going caroling, watching a Christmas movie, and delivering treats in the ward. What great teachers they had. I expected them to be gone 1 hour but 3 hours later is when he got home. What a fun time he had. Terry and I went to the farm to work on the ceiling where it had been cracked. So pretty soon we will be all done with the sheet rock.
Dec 15th Saturday - Terry's aunt Kathy puts together a Christmas Party each year since she moved back from California. I know how much work it takes to pull something off like that and I am so grateful she gives us this opportunity to mingle with cousins each year. Terry and the kids had a great time looking through some old photos of grandpa Hagers and visiting w/ family. However, I sent Terry and the kids while I had an appointment to make up in Clinton about a wiggly Christmas gift. I had GREAT success and now I am so excited for Christmas!!!
Then that night Terry and I went to a party for Clayton's girlfriend Heather who just graduated to become a nurse. She has gone through alot of work to make this happen so we are so happy for her. We always have a good time talking and laughing with these good people. Some of them we only see but once a year so it was nice to see them again.
Dec 16th Sunday - Terry and I went on a hot date to do a little more Christmas shopping in the morning. Then we went to our Townsend Christmas party. Every year we have such a good time eating some yummy food. Visiting with our dear family and opening presents from each other. We missed the families that don't live close enough to enjoy these family parties with us. But they are there in our hearts. Thanks mom and dad for all your hard work putting it together.