Monday, April 29, 2013

April 22-28 Strawberry Camping Fishing

April 22nd Monday - Callaways Family Home Evening! So we have been trying to plan this FHE for weeks now and since the weather has not been so great we kept putting it off "until next week" but this week we just couldn't do that again we were all too excited so even though it was cold and windy we did it anyway. My dear friend Tara Callaway brought her whole family down for FHE. We ate KFC and desserts, held the chicks, rode in the John Deer UTV, fed the baby goats, chased the big chickens, and rode the horses. I think we all had so much fun that we didn't want it to end. Tara has such a cute family from her own kids right down to her parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews. They are all so fun to be with! Thanks for your visit to Crazy Creek!
April 23th Tuesday - Today I spent the day creating this YouTube video of our first rodeo. I do not like spending so much of my day on this but it is a project that in the long run is worth it. This way all of our away family can see what we are doing and feel like they were there even when they couldn't be. After school we had activity days, Tia soccer, Bowdee scouts, and then we went to sand the basement bedroom a little more. We were hoping to get it textured but that just didn't happen tonight... Maybe another night.
April 25th Thursday - Did you know that today is take your kids to work day? Well my Tia and Treg made sure we were well informed. Since they are such great straight A students how can we deny them such a great opportunity. So I took them to preschool with me and made them teach my class. It was cute to see how they interacted with the kids, they did GREAT. Then I took them up to Terry's work and we went to Wendy's for lunch and then they stayed with him the rest of the day. They loved the idea of being at daddy's work!
After I dropped them off I snuck up to the arena where my mom and dad were working my moms horse Misty. I have never dared get on this horse she is so much horse she has always intimidated me... But today was our magical moment. After a little bit of a struggle I pulled my self up on her big tall massive body and we cruised around. She was great, not sure she wanted to do everything I asked but she did it anyway and I sure appreciated it. I don't think I have the cowboy skills yet to stay on her if she wanted me off :)
April 26th Friday - Ok so I must be tired and just need a break because I have been cleaning the trailer all morning then went dress shopping with Kami for lunch. It was horrible. It was up at the Gateway Mall some LDS Brides dresses and they only had one size of each dress to try on and since I was not a size 6 it SUCKED the lady was totally rude and unhelpful so to say the least I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BRIDE DRESS STORE! I came home feeling like crap. Finished cleaning the trailer, started packing stuff and dad needed his horse trailer cleaned out so Treg and I shoveled poop, then he came to get 3 horses for a ward party and made me feel completely bad for not helping him. I would have rather been there horsin around but I got to go help Terry texture the basement. Anyway today was just one of those days that reminded me I really need a break from EVERYTHING! So I went to bed as soon as I got home and hopefully tomorrow will be better.
April 27th Saturday - Today was Matia's dance competition in Spanish Fork and Terry had to stay with the boys to coach games, get Bowdee to baseball practice, then to his soccer game, get the food for camping tonight, get Bowdee a fishing license and finish packing. I really didn't want to go and sit around alone for hours at the competition so I invited Kami to go with me and we had a great grip session. Sometimes it just feels good to talk without being judged. I sure had fun spending the morning with Kami. I know she had other things she wanted to do today but it was sure nice to have her with me.
Came home and we finished packing and at 3:00 we were on our way to Strawberry to go camping and fishing. We had a great campsite all to ourselves but the wind picked up so after we ate dinner we headed to the lake for a little night fishing. I had a few bites and then I landed one. Of course it wasn't big enough to keep but it was sure fun to land it. Terry caught a little bit of swampy mess, it was cute he was having all sorts of bites but he was facebooking my catch and missed his bites. What a cutie, thanks for getting me out Terry, you know just what I need all the time!
April 28th Sunday - We woke up and hauled the trailer down to the lake for some morning fishing. It was slow!! I mean really SLOW!!! So Terry made us a really yummy bfast while I read my horse magazine. The kids walked up and down the shore searching for lost treasures to add to their tack box collections. They were having fun even if the fishing sucked. I was enjoying my down time since I don't think I have had any downtime since our vacation in June. So it was great but then it got windy and we decided to go hang out with Troy and his family down at Deer Creek.
This was a little better the fishing still sucked and the wind was still blowing but the kids were having fun playing with their cousins just doing what they do. Dash was NOT very happy about being stuck in the trailer but he was a real trooper. Terry, Troy, Jolyn and I just sat there being lazy getting sunburnt. That was not our plan but that is what happened. We finally got up enough energy to go home and Troys family came down to show Jackson what the farm is all about. So we ended up having a nice little bbq dinner and let the kids ride the horses.