Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crazy Chicks

So for the last year Matia has been begging us to get some backyard chicks. For the last year our excuse has been we can't have them here they are farm animals. But then she found out many of our neighbors have them and they LOVE them so she asked Daddy one more time and guess what... he must have been in a crazy happy mood because he said "Sure, let's get you some chickens". See, Matia was meant to be born on a farm with lots and lots of wide open space, old beat up trucks, horses to ride, chickens to feed, and dogs to chase. But the poor girl is stuck here in the city with out the farm she dreams of. I guess she gets that from her momma. Anyway we went to the chicken farm and picked out 8 chicks. Thinking half of them will be roosters and we will have to get rid of the right. So our adventure begins with our little crazy chickens. After 1 month and 3 deaths we are getting the hang of it. Terry and Tia spent many hours out building our chicken coop. Talking about how they are going to love it and what things they would need to make this a good home for them. Matia loved every minute of it. She wakes up early to check on them and make sure they are clean and has clean food and water. I tell you this girl is dedicated to these chicks. She spends hours with them in the backyard giving them their sunshine time. The boys have their chicks and they love them but you can tell Matia's whole heart is in this farming life. So here we go.. Thanks to the neighbors who showed her the light of a chicks life!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wild Surf Bums

So kinda like the movie Wild Hogs, but with surf boards not motorcycles. Terry and Troy set out for the beautiful west coast with their surf boards bunged to the car. They usually do a yearly "boys" trip and usually it is their deer hunt. This year however, neither of them drew out and they have been talking about ditching the hunt and going surfing for years now. So I told Terry it was a sign and the just had to take this opportunity to go hit some waves, (no matter how bad I wanted to go with them). So they did the morning after Bowdee's Arrow of Light ceremony they were gone. They made it down there in good time but shortly after their arrival I got a call asking to be their TomTom. So I logged on to google, found where they were and directed them to their hotel. The next day Terry's good friend from work flew down to have some fun with them. I thought he was going to go look after them and keep them from getting in trouble, little did I know he was the bad influence on the boys (hahaha). After that it was all down hill and lots of fun, (so they tell me). They stayed up way to late, dove way to deep, spent way to much money, ate way to much fast food and got lost one to many times. Okay so they didn't spend too much money after he showed me this photo, I figured his Surf board could have been a Corvette... Other then that I think they had a great time and I was happy to see them come home safely.

I had fun with the kids watching Bowdee's first REAL football game. He got a QBSack the first play of the game and another to follow in the 2nd half. The won 38 to Lehi's 8, which made them feel real good. After the game we went to Nickle City w/ laser tag then ate at Arbys and to Toys Story 3. They thought they were in heaven. Matia told me I could win a Nicest Mommy of the year award. We just plain had a good time. The kids made Terry cookies and a sign to welcome him home. Because even though we have a good time away from each other every once in a while we really do belong together.