Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 11- Matia's 11th birthday

My sweet baby girl was born 11 year ago today and I just can't wrap my head around that. Time goes by so stinking fast, where does it all go? Well I woke her up at 7:30 with her rice crispy birthday number breakfast in bed. She was just laying there watching the hawk fly around and watching the sun rise. What a cute girl. Then at 11:30 I picked her up from school and took her to subway for lunch. She still loves the cold cut combo on italian and herb bread with a cherry sevenup.
After lunch we went and checked Tayla out of school to go shopping at IFA and Calranch (their favorite stores) I ended up buying 3 baby chicks that are so stinking cute. I am a sucker for baby animals I was trying to wait for Easter but how could I when 2 of the cutest girls were begging me to buy them? Then Terry got off work early and all Tia wanted was to go horse riding with her whole family. So we saddled up and had a great time in the arena.
Terry rode Misty (my moms horse), I rode Trigger (my dads horse), Bowdee rode Robbie (my dads other horse), Matia rode our Miss Holly Kaye, and Treg rode Jake (Kyles horse), Kami rode Cedar, and Dad took a turn on Cedar and Misty. But we all had fun and we even took turns racing around the arena and seeing who could go the fastest. Matia was in heaven the whole time. After we put all the horses away, Bowdee fed the horses for Matia since it was her birthday and then we came in for dinner. She wanted Fetticini, baked potatoe, french bread, confeti cake, and vanilla ice cream.
Mom and dad stayed for dinner and we opened her gifts her favorite was a doll with a horse that looks like Holly. All in all it was a perfect day with my Matia as happy as ever. I don't want to ever know what life would be without Matia she is seriously the happiest girl I know who is always doing her best and making people happy whereever she is. I love you Matia you will always be my baby girl no matter how old you get. Keep smiling and remember life is good and happiness is where you find it!

March 4-10th Sink & Countertop

March 4th - Today my dad called and asked if he could take the kids swimming. So of course I threw all their swim stuff in a bag and after I picked them up from school took them to the pool. What a good experience for them to treasure these moment's shared with Grandpa and his love for swimming! Then I took Bowdee on a little date we drove to Mr. E's in Orem and went to Crispy Cremes for his good grades. I can't tell you how much I love these little one on one moments. He seemed so HAPPY today and I love it when he smiles. Then Terry's sisters came to see our house and what we have done with it. We don't get to see them enough. It was fun to have their kids here and just talk with them Tara and Talesha have always treated me like a sister and that is what I love about them. So yes it was a busy day but it was so good! From the beginning right to the end.

March 5th - Oh my goodness I was updating my blog and I got up for a drink when I looked out my window to see my dad's sweet palomino "Trigger" reared up on his back 2 legs and connected to his halter was the fence!!!! WHAT THE.... I ran to help him then thought DAD you need DAD so turned to get the phone and thought YOU DON"T HAVE TIME!!! So I turned around again and headed to save my horse. What he did was he gets down on one knee and bends the other leg under him then he reaches as far as he can under the fence for scrap hay... (like he is starving!) And when he came back up his halter got hooked on the bottom of the fence's hook so as he came up he was stuck, panicked and pulled with all his might. When he did that the water bucket poured all the water on his head and he lost all control and freaked, pulling the fence out of the ground, breaking the white vinyl fence and pulling with all his might to get loose. I rushed over to him and started talking calmly you see Trigger is not the most subdue horse we have in fact he is quite a mess and very spooky usually. So I was afraid what he would do when I came closer to him. But as I pulled his halter down to unhook it from the fence he allowed me to help him and get him free. My heart was pounding just like his was and we both just stood there looking at each other with a huge sigh of relief. I have always loved Trigger since his birth. He was my horse "Sassy's" colt and was born the spring after Bowdee was born. We have been on a few trail rides together but he is usually accompanied by my dad since he has a very jumpy personality. I hope in the next year or two I can over come my fear and we can understand each other a little better. But WOW that gave me a memory I won't forget soon.

Then Bowdee had another game in the Bball tournament I figured it was the end of the season because they have not won one game yet. But tonight they got their first win so they get to keep playing until they lose again. I was so happy for these boys that have tried so hard all season and been so disappointed so we took the kids to Pizza Pie Cafe in Highland to celebrate Bowdee and Terry's first win of the year. Treg and Tia were in heaven when they found out they had all you can eat pasta!

March 6th - Today Holly and Tonja came down to check out the farm house and all we have accomplished and to get some boxes. They both are going through divorces so they will be moving in the next few months. It's crazy that all 3 of us have gone through such life changing experiences this year. We ate at Whistle Wok which my fortune told me I needed new friends and I demanded a new fortune that was just not right! I love all of my friends and wouldn't change them for anything. Then I hurried home to head off to horse around at the arena with Kami, Lakota, Tayla, Me, Tia and Dad. The horses were all great other then Cedar dropped Kami in the sand. Lakota ran Joe and loved every minute of it. I just loved being surrounded by all of it! What a great day. Ending with Bowdee winning yet one more game in the tournament so I guess we go to the finals next Tuesday. YAHOO!

March 9th - Matia had a dance performance at the Provo Beach Resort which is right by where I got Miss Holly Kaye, since we got there a little early I showed them where she use to live. Then Matia got on stage and did a great job performing her dance. She is so stinking cute I still can't believe that girl is mine! We came home and sealed the counter tops that we stained last night. They look so good I just can't believe Terry can make everything he does look so professional! But my favorite part was when he hooked up my kitchen sink.
See we have had no sink since we moved in waiting for the counter tops to cure. So I was thrilled to see water running through the sink. Man I am loving this house and life. Then our Garrick friends came over to see what we have done. They are so sweet to think that we inspire them when we get inspired by them every time we go to their house and see what fun things they have remodeled in their house. I love how we all get along so well.