Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb 4-10th - Carpet/Pour Countertops

Feb 4th Monday - If I am being completely honest which I feel is only fair for a journal. I would have to say I am having a really hard time letting go of this house. We have done so many things to make it just the way we wanted that it will be a sad day when we sell it. Even though I have a really hard time with basement living, I love this basement. If we didn't have the preschool taking up 2 bedrooms it would be so comfortable. I will and already do miss my garage especially when it is snowing and I get to scrap the windows. I miss the organization of our recreation gear and having our boat stored nicely. I will miss the fenced in backyard for the dogs, I don't know what we will do with them out there. I miss the extra room in the house, I hate feeling cluttered, I guess that means it is high time to dejunk! I will miss our friendly neighbors who are always willing to help. I miss our clean cars, it seems impossible to keep them clean with the muddy driveway and dirty boots. I will miss teaching preschool in my home, I have LOVED my job the last 9 years! I will miss my flower beds and garden corner. I seriously love this house and will miss it dearly, I thought we were going to grow old here. Crazy how life throws us curve balls. I have to keep reminding myself I will only have my children for a short time. I have to choose wisely how I spend my last 10 years of them living with us.

But now that I have said all that I must include how I am SO excited to have a horse ranch. This is a dream of mine that I have had my entire life. Yes, I am totally nervous and don't know what I am doing and I learn so much every day. But I LOVE IT! I am excited to watch my kids experience baby animals in their newest form and the miracle it is. I am excited to teach my children what real chores are like and watch them grow into some incredible young adults with a true knowledge of responsibility. I am excited to see them adjust to new schools and church and meet new friends. I have loved seeing our farm house transform, Terry is so amazing and I love all that he has taught the kids about it as well. I love the views out of my windows, the lake on one side and Mnt. Timp on the other. I love watching the sunset on the farm they are simply time stopping. I am excited to watch my kids drive the tractor around the farm. I still remember sitting on my dads lap as he plowed the fields on my Grandpa's old Ford blue tractor. I love working side by side working toward a common goal. I love shopping at Cal-ranch for real and not to just dream! I love that my kids NEED boots and don't just want them. And I love my animals I feel like they are such a wonderful part of life! So yes I am confused giving up such a comfortable easy life for one with so much work yet so many rewards to be given. I don't regret my decision but I am sad when I think about what I am leaving. When I was at the store today I saw a sign that said. If you want to know what your heart desires turn to the things your mind things about. I have always dreamt of horses, goats, land, barns, chickens, fences, tractors, and family togetherness! And God made a farmer!
Feb 5th Tuesday - After Treg had scouts and Matia's bball practice we had parent teacher conferences. I love going to them to hear how my kids are really doing. I would hope that the teachers wouldn't just tell me what I want to hear because that would do no good for anyone. Treg's teacher told us a few things to work on with him. Mostly just reading faster because he likes to go slow to make sure he understands it all and wont miss anything. Terry said he did the same thing. Matia's teacher really enjoys Matia in her class... At least that is what she says but seems sincere. She is excited to hear Matia will be finishing the year with her at this school. It is such a relief to hear they are doing so well especially when this year I have given them the responsibility of getting their homework done by themselves.
Feb 6th Wednesday - OH what a fun day at our farm. Today I spent the day sorting tools while Will from Lowe's installed our carpet. We only had 650sq ft to install but wow what a difference it made. I love the smell of brand new carpet and now that smell fills my new home. I was so excited when he left that I ran home and tore down the boys beds and took them down to their bedrooms. The kids set them up while Terry and I had a meeting with the construction crew that is putting in the water/sewer line through our property. Which we found out the lady that owned it before she foreclosed got $4,500 for the easement and inconvenience when it hasn't affected her at all. CRAZY and sad that we have to put up with it and get nothing out of it.
Feb 8th Friday - Today Terry and I went shopping at lunch for a desk for our new office. Well we went to Ikea and found some desks for the kids rooms. Then we went to RCWilleys, we didn't find us a desk but we found the perfect couch set, rug, and stove for our new house. So instead of a desk we ended up buying our very first brand new couch set ever! We both just fell in love with them and we needed a set any how because mom and dads won't fit in the little space we have. Anyway, after coming home we decided to put together the desks. It took so long we only had time to do one. Then head off to Bowdee's basketball game. After the game we just went home and called it a night. We are getting so tired it is hard to keep working late like we have been no matter how bad we want to get done so we can move in.
Feb 9th Saturday - Matia had a basketball game which they played amazingly. They won 44 to 5 which I felt really bad for the other team. We have been on that end of things so many times its rough. Matia played hard and is focusing more on where the ball is going then just defending her one person. She got fouled during a shot and so she was able to take 2 shots. I wish you could have seen the cute way she shot the ball, it was a kind of jump/leap/land like some kind of dance move. But the ball went in both times. I think the reason she sank them was because her Grandpa Covington was there to watch her and man she loves her Grandpa sooo much! To bad Grandma didn't feel well she would have been so proud of her little Mattie!
Feb 10th Sunday - What a big day. I was not excited to start this day by any means but after a long hot bath and a small breakfast we set out to get our butts kicked. We knew it was going to be exhausting but worth it in the end. It was counter top pouring day. We decided that pouring concrete counter tops for under $150 was worth the work to save us over $2000 for cheap Formica. So we started by finishing the mold making process. Then by 12:00 we were ready to pour so we went and got the kids, ate some lunch, got some courage and started to pour at 2:00.
By 4:00 we were finished mixing and pouring the concrete. But it would still take us 3 more hours to drain off the extra water, let it set, drain it again, and finish it. Of course Terry does all the finish work. I am afraid I am just not detailed enough or talented enough to make it look good so I just worked in the behind scenes, cleaning tools, helping lift buckets, vibrating side walls to get air bubbles released, and all the other things that are important but not seen. It looks like quite the mess but if it looks anything like the basement counter tops (which I don't have any doubts) it is going to look fabulous when we are finished. Yes Terry is still amazingly talented in all that he does.