Wednesday, May 8, 2013

April 29-May 5 Baseball Season Begins

April 29th Monday - Right after school Dad and I loaded up 6 horses for our 6 horse loving kids and headed to the equestrian park in Highland. Lakota was on Josephine, Izak on Mingo, Bowdee on Jake, Matia on Sally, Tayla on Kiwi and Treg on Miss Holly Kay. We did some pole bending practice work and then barrels. The kids wanted to play 4 corners and then they all went on a little trail ride without us adults. They were all close by and it was crazy to dad and I that our kids are at the level where they can do this alone. We just sat there talking about how we need another 4 horse trailer. When we came home I rushed Matia off for dance photos came back to eat and then Terry and Bowdee headed to our arena to fix the sprinklers and level the sand. I helped Matia feed, milk and finish her chores then we called it a great Family Night and headed to bed!
April 30th Tuesday - I am sure going to miss this group of kids, I love each one of the students I teach! After school we had a few friends over to play for a little bit before Tregs Soccer Game, Bowdee's Scouts, and Tia's Soccer Practice. I love watching my kids have time to play with their friends. Since the wind was crazy they all went in the arena and practice baseball. I snuck off and went horse riding with my dad and Kami. Which that is always a good time. Then a quick dinner and off to coaching Treg's team. I am really getting excited for summer so we can just have more time to enjoy each other and the farm life!
May 1st Wednesday - Wow where does the time go? It is just crazy to me that it is May and I am almost finished with preschool and the kids have one more month of school I wish they were out today but the end of May will have to do. Today was Bowdee's first baseball game on the White Sox team. He was excited to start playing again but I think he would love it more if he had a team that he has played with for a long time like his soccer team. But he did great and his coach just loves his attitude and willingness to do his best all the time! The White Sox won their first game 3-2 against the Rockies!
May 2nd Thursday - Today was Bowdee's 2nd baseball game against the Yankee's. Baseball is not Bowdee's favorite sport but he plays it pretty good and enjoys it most of the time. He got to play catcher tonight and he did great! They won 9-3 and he loved it. Then after his baseball and Tia's dance we headed to 4-H at the Equestrian Park. This was the first time Terry came to watch them and 4-H was perfect. When we came home it was late like 9:00 and we still had to feed the horses and animals. It was a crazy busy day but it sure was fun. We got a new addition down at Crazy creek today our friends the Prestwich's just adopted this 3 year old quarter horse named Dayze Duke and she is super sweet and super BIG! I think they will love her.
May 3rd Friday - Today we were reminded of the tender fragility of life. Terry had a great friend in High School whose sister's only daughter was hit by a car with 3 other kids. The driver was a 17 year old who just didn't see them. She was killed and the other 3 are slowly recovering. So tonight Terry and I went with them down to a vigil for this sweet 13 year old girl. It is so sad to have such an innocent life taken from this world. I can't help but to think of Bowdee and how unbearably painful it would be if I lost him, or any of my children. My heart truly goes out to this family during this hard time in their life.
May 4th Saturday - What a busy day with softball practice, 3 soccer games, baseball practice and then we came home and trimmed the trees. That was a huge project that made a big ol' mess. I got in the John Deere UTV and started hauling it all to the back yard. Of course the trees look so much better an hopefully our internet will run better. Then later Matia and Treg went to play with the Carson kids Macy and Adam for the first time. They had so much fun they wanted to play night games but there wasn't enough kids that could so instead they just watched movies on the lawn. I love that my kids have friends around here that they like and have fun with.