Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busier Nights

So our nights went from busy to busier. Soccer season is starting this Saturday so that means practices during the weekdays. Also Bowdee tried out for baseball and made the Reds team. I thought it would be okay because last time we did this they only over lapped 2 weeks but this time they are starting baseball this week with 3 practices. I am glad he will be getting so much practice but I hope we can both juggle this schedule for the next 8 weeks. Matia and Treg will also be starting baseball but it won't be for a while (I am hoping). We did drop gymnastics and swimming for right now to help ease the pain. But we love this staying busy and happy.

Bowdee just also had his school music performance. He of course did great but Terry and I had to laugh. He has the same demeanor as he did in Kindergarten when he is performing. He doesn't like to smile and only watches us and his teacher. But it was fabulous and it made me cry to think he is growing up so stinking fast.

We are still working in the basement when we can. The ceiling and most of the walls now have sheet rock on them. It is so amazing how much different the sheet rock makes it look. I am just glad to be done with the 12 foot sheet rock ceiling pieces. At times I was trying to think of a way to get someone to help Terry but in the end Bowdee and I helped him and we "got 'er done".