Wednesday, September 25, 2013

May 27-June 30 1st month of Summer

May 31- To be honest we celebrated the last day of school by going to Classic Skating, Mr. E's, Firehouse Subs, and Trafalga then the rest of the month it was just kinda a blur it went by so fast. I captured a few photos along the way so I will try and put in a few words about the events I do remember.
May 31, 1996 was the day I married this sweet man. Yes, it has been... 17 years and I am still crazy about him. Thank you babe, for making the last 17 years so wonderful and for going on this ranch adventure with me. You are a real trooper... for a city boy;)
So as you know they have been putting in a huge water and sewer line in through our front yard and down through the fences. Well they told us we could have all the t-posts if we took them out. So we have spent about the last 2 weeks taking out ALOT of t-posts and barbed wire. A lot of hard work but it will be nice to have them in the future. 
June 3rd-7th we sent Bowdee with our ward to the Youth Trek. I was sad to see him leave but I knew he was in good hands with a lot of my cousins going to watch over him. I also knew he was going to have some amazing experiences so of course I stretched my wings and let him go.
It is so fun to see the fence get put back up and the construction out of our front yard. It will be super fun the day I can look out my front window and there will be no orange barrels. Ya that will be a good day a day I can really enjoy the view.
June 17th - So our first 4H rodeo it was hot so Terry brought out the trailer so we could sit in the shade and have a potty and eat some otter pops. Sounds like a good plan right? Well I got the kids off to take their test and decided an otter pop sounded perfect so I bit it with my front tooth to open it and yep.... You guessed it my front tooth broke right off. Oh what a bad night. I told Izak I did it for him so we could be twiners. So not good!!!!
The kids getting ready for their first written test. Don't they all look so cute! I just couldn't pass up that test. I do have to say they had to smile for the camera because none of them were excited for the test part. But they all did great. It was hard and I don't think anyone got more then 50% but they did great now we know what to expect!
Matia, Robbie and Grandpa. Matia had to use Robbie because Treg needed Holly and Bowdee needed Sally. Well lets just say the first night of 4H was horrible. Robbie didn't like it not one bit. He was prancin and dancin and just trying to get out of there. But Tia didn't let him get away with acting like a baby and she put him in his spot. Now look at him already he is doing so much better.
Treg and Holly both loved the trail course this is the course where you go over bridges, open gates, jump logs, move coats, back up at angles all sorts of stuff to show how well you can maneuver your horse. Treg and Holly did fabulous but later that night during the pole bending and barrels Holly ran right back to the gate not listening to Treg one bit! Naughty Holly!
We celebrated fathers day out here at our first 4H show and we gave dad the hat that we all went in on. I can't tell you how grateful I am for having the chance to call this good guy DAD. I will never be able to express how I feel about him. He is one of the hardest working, most forgiving, encouraging, patient, service doing man alive. We all love you and and we are so thankful you are here to enjoy this horsin around with our kids.
 Bowdee and Izak man I sure love the way these two boys are best friends. They are friends not because we make them but they do love each other and they just get each other. I love they don't allow drama of any kind into their relationship and they just accept each other for who they are. Love you boys and I love your friendship. Can you tell they are really nervous about this next event? Actually I think they were busy checking out all the girls.
Yep Terry got a cowboy hat just like Grandpa did for his fathers day. I figured if we are going to own a horse ranch we are going to have to start looking like it once in a while. Terry I love the father you are to our children. I love how you give them structure and discipline but you also love them like crazy and they know it. Your the best thanks for everything. 
So the first of June I started our first session of horse back riding. I thought I would have just a few kids but by the end of the summer we had 46 students just thrilled to be able to ride at Crazy Creek! I even gave them discounts for working around the ranch. My kids liked that idea so there was less work for them. 
June 20th I had the opportunity to go to a self help type seminar down in St. George with my sister in law Emilee. We even got to stay with some amazing people at their cabin and had a great weekend. It was a soul searching type weekend which was exhausting but nice to just chill with sweet Emilee and get to know her a little better. Thanks Emilee for the invite it sure was nice to spend time with you. 
July 27th - Our 4H was invited to ride our horses in the Lehi Stock Parade. Wow - I never thought this would happen in a million years we had 9 riders in the parade and it was so fun to watch them decorate their horses, clean them up and show them off in a parade. Dreams do come true!
After the parade we got free tickets to go enjoy the Lehi Rodeo. I have never taken my kids and so this was a real treat for them. They loved watching the speed events that they have been doing in the 4H shows and of course the steer wrestling and bucking riders was entertaining. 
June 19th a week after Trek Bowdee packed his bags again and headed to scout camp. I love this ward and their leaders. Justin is my cousin who is also Bowdee's scout master so it is nice to send him and I know without a doubt Justin will watch after him like he is his own. I just can't believe my boy is getting so big. 
June 16th we went for a quick trip to Strawberry to do a little fishing.  The fishing was slow and long but Troy and his family and Kyle and his family came along and so the kids kept us all entertained! 
Matia caught one of the only fish, Emilee caught another. Not sure if anyone else got anything... Oh Kyle did on the float tube. But like we always say its not the fish that makes it a good fishing,
its the memories we create.
Treg is passing off his belt loop and pin for fishing so he needed to clean a fish. Matia let him clean hers and Kyle offered to show him how it was done. So now Treg is going to be cleaning his own fish.  
 June 18th we had our first swim meet. The kids were ready to tear it up and swim their best. Of course they all swam their best and we didn't miss any swims so I was a happy mom! Man I love watching my kids swim
June 21st While I was at Turning Leaf in St. George with Emilee the kids sure gave Terry a great 41st birthday. Matia made him his favorite cupcakes all on her own. Bowdee gave him one of his famous back rubs. While Treg gave him a killer foot rub. I was sad not to be there but it is all good, next year baby! 
Treg ready in outfield. I love the way Treg has such great natural instinct at sports. He really does give it his all when he plays.  
This was his fun team and coaches. All great players and fun boys to be around. 
Bowdee has been playing lots of baseball on his team of the Sox this year. He knows a few of the players but it was good for him to get to know even more boys and sharpen his baseball skills. Terry and I enjoyed sitting back in the outfield watching him play in our nice reclining chairs. Sometimes we need this excuse to do nothing else but support our kids. 
Matia's softball team was so much fun. We loved the girls she played with and her coach was awesome! I just wish the season was a little longer. Tia plays all sports with a fight and so fun to watch.