Monday, July 25, 2011

July 5-10 Brothers Visit

When I was growing up I never imagined a life where my family didn't live close by. We grew up on a farm in the middle of the sticks where all we had was family. We were each others best friends... Of course we are still best friends but it just makes it so hard when we are all so far apart. Kathy in Cedar City, Clint in Seattle and Colt in Minnesota that is not how I imagined it to be when we were little but that is what it is and man it sure makes one fun week when everyone comes into town.

Tuesday Clint, Colt and Kathy all came into town with their families. Clint and Colt staying until Sat and Sun Kathy just for one night. We started it off with a birthday party for little Lucy at my house. It was fun to see my house fill up with friendly family faces but I soon had to leave for the American Fork First Soap Box Derby.

The kids were so excited to race their soap box that they worked so hard to make. It was so much fun seeing all the kids excited to race their creations and the spectators sitting by, and mothers biting their nails hoping their kids wouldn't get hurt.

Bowdee did great, he is a very serious racer who steps up to the ramp with all sorts of butterflies hidden deep within him. He crossed the line at 20.22 with a over all of 6th place. He told me that was the only sport he has played that he really didn't mind losing at all because the thrill of the race was worth every minute of it.

Matia flies down the hill and got all sorts of excited to see her cousins and uncles waving at her cheering her on. So she gives them a cute wave and almost loses control as she crossed the finish line. Then she ends with the first crash into the tires and cardboard boxes with a final time of 20.44.

Wednesday was filled with taking cute Lucy to Build a Bear for her birthday. Which is always a fun activity with a 5 year old. Then to Cafe Rio for lunch with the girls. Of course Cafe Rio is always fabulous especially when you have such great company. Then chilling at the house with all the cousins and family.

Then hustling to the kids 2nd swim meet of the summer. They all had a great swim Bowdee had 2 first place and 1 second place. Matia took 6th, 8th, and 3rd. Treg took 3rd, 2nd and a disqualified Butterfly (which really wasn't very fair). But the best part was all being there together to cheer each other on. All the other family went up the canyons for a nice hot dog roast.

Thursday this was the day of the famous Runway Tea Party. I didn't have the time I would have liked to have this all prepared so I took most of the morning preparing the house for a great Tea Party when you have 8 girls you must have a tea party. So tea party we did with a dress up photo shoot after a nice pampering.

Clint and Colt took some fabulous photos of the girls as they came out strutting their stuff! Then we had dinner here and sent all the kids to mom and dads for the famous cousin sleepover that they all look forward too.

Friday was filled with an innocent game of laser tag. Then off the Timpanogus to hike the cave. The cave was sold out so we opted for Cascade Springs. I have not been there in years so it was so much fun to hike around with my bros and their kids. Not to mention I love to drive American Fork Canyon it soothes my soul!

Saturday Terry, Bowdee and I woke up early to run the AF Steels day 5K. I was so proud of Bowdee for passing me in the last 30 seconds and for me running the whole thing without stopping. Then we rushed home to get Tia and Treg for their half mile race. They both did great Treg took 8th Matia took 6th Bowdee took 5th for their ages.
Then we stayed and watched our friends in the parade, then headed home for a shower then down to the carnival. Bowdee loved the Spinny one that about made me throw up just by watching it. Matia loved he spaceship but loves the classic merry-go-round as well. Treg loved the spaceship as well, but wished he could go on the round the world.