Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aug 9-14 Gooseberry for my Birthday

This week football practice was in full swing 5 days a week until school starts. Then all the kids are signed up for soccer again and their practices started. I am Matia's coach again along with a friend of ours, and we got most of the same players back which will be fun. Bowdee thinks this is his last year for soccer which makes me sad. I LOVE watching him play. But I guess Football is more his focus these days. We also had a father/daughter activity days date. It was so fun to see all my girls with their daddys! I will be sad when I am released from this position. I have done it for about 4&1/2 years so I can't imagine I will be in it for much longer. I remember wishing Matia was old enough to be in my group and now she is almost outgrown my 2 years with her... It has been fun to meet all these cute girls in our ward!

Then the 12-14th we headed to Gooseberry for my birthday. This is one of my favorite places of all time! We camped just on the South end of Salina reservoir in the trailer I just love so much. It was perfect it felt like we had the place to ourselves. We even took our little blow up rafts out to see if the fishing got any better back in the thick of the woods.

Terry made me a "Skookie" for my birthday cake and of course I loved it. Then there was spoiling of the gifts. Which there shouldn't have been any because my real gift was the trailer and a 270 rifle to go deer hunting with this year.

The next day we four wheeled down a dirt road and just enjoyed the beauty of our surroundings. Also looking for some elk for Terrys elk hunt that is coming up. But I mostly enjoyed the ride, Tia and Treg are old enough where they want to drive us every where. Which will be nice once they are seasoned 4-wheelers but for now it is kinda exhausting.

This is livin the good life! Chillin around a campfire (close enough to my trailer to escape the bears). Listening to the frogs and crickets making their little night time sounds. Watching the stars fall from the sky. Then waking up early to sneak out for a little morning time fishing.