Friday, April 5, 2013

March 25-31st Easter Weekend

March 25th Monday - Today Terry and I decided to invite both of our families over for dinner and just some fun at the farm. So I went shopping and got all the fixings for chilli cheese dogs, made some dessert, cleaned up a little and sent out a mass text. Of course everyone wasn't able to make it with such little notice. But my parents, Kamis, Kyles, and Taleshas families were all able to come down and enjoy the baby goats, chicks, and horses. Every Monday night at the farm we usually do some horse back riding with my family so they were all planning on being here anyway. It was a fun night and we feel so privileged to be surrounded by such great family members.
March 27th Wednesday - Family Farm Drama... Today was a hard day one that I am sure I will never forget. Through hard times come lessons learned and never forgotten. Today I learned to stay out of any kind of animal selling event which doesn't include my own animal. Kami has this horse Goliath that I have fallen in love with he is sweet yet young, spirited, and a little spooky to say the least. Kami bought him in December and we have worked with him a little but we just don't have the time or knowledge he is going to take to train. So my friends that have been toying with the idea of a horse came to see the goats and I showed them Goliath which Kami told me last night he was for sale so they rode him and wanted to buy him but I told them they had to give Kami the money. Anyway I went off to coach Tregs soccer game and when I came back Izak was riding him and my dad said we just sold the horse. But of course I already had. Anyway long story short I will only be involved in selling my own animals from this point forward. Kami did let the horse go to the Prestwich family which they are excited about this project and life changing decision. Kami is now heart broken because my dad had told her he would buy him so she was hopeful she could keep this sweet horse spirit in the family. I just hope it works out for both families and everyone will be happy in the long run. We do love our horses!
March 28th Thursday - Today was another life changing event. Bowdee our oldest son bought his very first car, it is a Toyota 4 Runner 1995 for $1,500 with 184,000 miles on it. Most people wouldn't understand why a 13 year old would want to buy a car so early. Well let me tell you... Terry had a friend from work tell him how his 4Runner had a small leak in the head gasket and was going to trade it in for a new vehicle. So Terry talked to Bowdee and Bowdee was very reluctant to most of his life savings on a car he wouldn't be able to drive for quite some time. Then Terry explained how they could work on the engine together and it wouldn't take to much to fix it then the car would be worth around $4,500 and to look at it as an investment.
So Bowdee withdrew his money from the bank with a sad sort of smile, then when Terry's friend delivered the 4Runner Bowdee was nothing but smiles. He is so excited about this purchase and learning more about car repairs. I feel like he will value his vehicle just that much more and learn so much from working on his own car. Good luck Bowdee it is sad to see you grow up so fast but fun to see who you are becoming at the same time. I love you!
March 29th Friday - At 4:30 we picked Terry up from work and met his brother Troy and friend Clint R. at Sizzler to have dinner then go to a Grizzly game. Our kids have never eaten there before and they were not too impressed. The food was ok but that was about it. The company on the other hand was GREAT! Troy of course is always a sweetie and Clint R. is an amazing person. One of the nicest & most genuine people I know. The Grizzly game after was also a good time. Treg was bored out of his mind and not really into the sport. Matia was just dancing like a wild woman when ever she could trying to get onto the GamboTron (big screen). They showed her 3 times so I guess she was doing a good job at her goal in mind. Bowdee was chillin with Jaxon who is Troys girlfriends son. They get along pretty good not like best friends but happy they are the same age and have some same likes. So the Grizzlies lost but we gained some good memories.
March 30th Saturday - So this morning I was browsing the horse section in KSL when I ran across a gorgeous buckskin. She was like 22 but so pretty and well behaved which is exactly what I am looking for because we are doing 4H with our 3 kids but we only have one horse. So I was just keeping my eye open for something that might work. I texted Dad and he said he would buy it for his grand kids and to go take a look. I quickly called and Terry agreed to go take a look. It was just in Highland in a nice neighborhood. We got her out and saddled her with no problems, took her around the pasture and she was walking funny so I picked her hooves out and was about to get on again and my cousin pulled up to look at the same horse. Justin knows a lot more about horses then I do and was worried about the same thing we were. They guy said we could just take her for a month and see if she gets better if not then to bring her back. Very nice offer and I was ready to take it and run when Terry pulled me to my senses and made us walk away. Which I am glad we did, she sold within the hour so someone gave her a nice home I am sure but I am so very thankful I have a husband who keeps me reined in and under control. Love you babe. If it wasn't for him I am sure we would have 20 horses on this farm and I would go broke trying to feed them all!
March 31st Sunday - Easter Morning is always so magical but this year really reminded me of when I was a child growing up on the farm. It was beautiful weather so the Easter eggs were hidden inside and outside all around the barns. We first fed the baby goats and then we let them down and they followed us around as the kids were gathering eggs. Then we of course had the baby chicks to enjoy but it was kinda sad we had 2 baby chicks die today. After we had a great Easter Morning we took a Easter Lily to Aunt Dixie for mom because she is talking in sacrament. We went to watch her and had another wonderful time at church. My kids didn't even complain once about going. Terry was sad to see us leave but he kept busy working in the hay barn.

April 16-24 Matia 1st Dance Competition

March 17th Sunday - Sunday we woke up and those Leprechauns got into our house again. But this year they didn't make a mess (much to Tregs dismay) because Matia made them a cute little house to play in and asked them not to be messy. They still strung up the strings which led the kids to their little treat of green surprises. Then I made a yummy green breakfast and me and the kids started getting ready for church. This was our first time making it to our new ward and oh my goodness I can't tell you how cool it was. I called Emilee to see if her and the girls wanted to go with us and so they came as well. It was fun to see how different this ward is from our other ward. It was so completely different from what we have been used to. I didn't think I could like a ward better then the one we just came from but this ward seems like the kids really fit in better.
March 18th Monday - Today at school was the 5th grade maturation class. So I went to school and sat with Matia while they described the crazy womans body. Matia was so funny she said "Mom maybe I am going through puberty and that is why I loose control of my emotions lately." I was glad I could be there for her today. I still can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast. Then when Terry got home after work we cleaned out the stall barn really good as a family goat, dog and kids we all worked together. Cocoa was being extra clingy to Terry tonight and we noticed her bag was a little bigger then yesterday so she just might be pregnant. I told Tia to watch her a little closer this next week. How fun is the farm?
March 19th Tuesday - 6:15am Bowdee comes running in the house from his morning feedings yelling at the top of his lungs. All 4 of us were wondering who had died. Then we finally understood him the 3rd time "Cocoa had her baby... Cocoa had her baby". I was running around in circles looking for my clothes. Matia grabbed her robe and ran for the barn. Treg just ran bare foot and boxers. Terry was a little more hurried then usual but calm and collect with a bit of excitement. We all made it to the barn in record time to see the first born miracle on Crazy Creek Ranch. Cocoa was standing next to the most beautiful baby boy kid goat. He was all dried and clean with a soft little precious bah. Cocoa... a first time mom had given birth, cleaned up the mess, and patiently waited for us all to share in her excitement. What a beautiful, wonderful, miraculous day on the farm, Matia named this sweet baby "Cowboy".
We all would have just sat there all day long if we could have. But Treg had a field trip to the Hansen planetarium, I had to teach preschool, Bowdee had a quiz in class, Matia well she was forced to go to school and then a dance rehearsal after school. But after school we had decided since Cowboy was a boy and we couldn't use his milk for her milking business that the boys would buy their own baby girl goats and that is when C.C. and Cupcake came into the picture.
Grandma and Grandpa took them to go look at some Nigerian Dwarf goats in P.G. and they came home with 2 cute babies, goat supplement, bottle nipples and the biggest smiles ever. Cupcake took her bottle just like a pro... However C.C. didn't want anything to do with it. We will try again in the morning and see if she just needs a little hunger to convince her she wants to eat.
March 22nd, Friday - After making a big long list of what animals need what and showing mom and dad what needed to be done, I finished packing and thought how lucky I am to have parents so willing to help manage the ranch so we can skip away to Matia's 1st Dance competition ever in St. George Utah. We drove down to the Days Inn and got there at 9:00 the kids wanted to run down to the pool so Terry and I sat and watched them have a good time. The breeze was a little too chilly for us to be convinced into swimming. It was about 20 degrees cooler then what it usually is this time of year. But there is snow at home so we were happy to get what ever little bit of sun we could.
March 23rd, Saturday - Matia had to be to the High School by 9:00am so I got her up around 8:00 did her hair which is always an adventure for me. We got her there on time but she didn't dance until 11:45 so we went and did some errands around town and came back to watch them dance. She did great! Matia is so fun to watch when she dances and all the other girls on her team did great. In their bracket they took Diamond First Place which means they did a near perfect challenging dance and they were 1st out of the other 3-4 dances in that category. She was so excited and said she loved it and wanted to do it next year. We ate at the Brick Oven and spent the rest of the day swimming and relaxing.
March 24th Sunday - We loved the nice relaxing weekend away but oh we were ready to go home back to our babies. Well at least me and the kids were, I think Terry was having too much fun being away. It feels like forever since we have taken a mini vacation. Which is so not like us. The drive home was nice and uneventful, the kids are getting so much easier to travel with. We made it home and ran out to see the babies and do our chores.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March 15th - Treg Hager Townsend 9 Years Old

I seriously is struggling with the fact that my baby is now 9 years old. It just doesn't seem possible that he can be that big already. Our Treg is such a fun boy, of course he has his days. But those are probably just the days that he is not getting enough attention. Which of course is my fault. I do love the way that Tregs mind works. I love how smart he is and how he thoroughly thinks everything through. This year he planned his birthday from the smallest things to the biggest things. He had it all figured out down to the minute what they would be doing and when. He knew how much everything would cost and he kept it within a reasonable budget.
For lunch I checked him out and he really wanted to go to Pizza Pie Cafe but he said Arbys because it wouldn't cost as much. I ended up just taking him for noodles at the Pizza Pie Cafe because I knew how important this was to him and I wanted him to realize I would do almost anything for him. We had a great time and he was such a gentleman on our date. He opened the doors for me and refilled my drink, and told me thank you like a thousand times. I think he was most excited to be checked out of school I guess it makes him feel special or something.
He decided to take his 2 lifelong friends (Bode and Caden) to Trafalga to play arcade games and laser tag. It was so much fun of course when I play laser tag I really get into it and I am always yelping out loud when I get shot... Which I guess is embarrassing to the kids. Because we get in there and they all leave me, Matia tried to stick it out with me but by the end of the game she was gone. But I had fun and I came in 9th out of the 40 players that were participating.
Then we headed to the farm. The boys all ran out to the farm to check the groundhog trap to see if Treg caught a groundhog. Then they played with the chickies that Tia and Treg got for their birthdays then they were ready to eat. So we had pizza, pop, and noodles. Opened gifts and then the boys all had a night of X-Box 360 they mostly played Skylanders but a little Halo as well. I just can't believe these boys still play so well together. They are so fun to listen to. I love the way the respect each other and treat each other so nicely.
I made him his birthday cake but by the end of the night with all the treats Treg had planned for them they were not in the mood. So I sent their "Doggie Food" cupcake home with them. We took them home at 9:15 then I tucked my sweet little boy into bed with a hug squeeze and a kiss... I asked him his bestest and it was "you mom" and his worstest was "his birthday being another 365 days away". I love you to pieces Treg you will forever be my baby thanks for such a fun day today. Love you more!