Monday, October 22, 2012

Oct 15-21 Bowdee's 13 and Moving Fun

October 15th - Today my sweet boy turned 13 years old. I can't tell you what a delight it has been to watch him grow day by day and see what an awesome young man he has become. Bowdee is such a fun kid to be around. Yes he can be quite serious at times but that is just because he thinks everything through. I love you so unconditionally Bowdee and I hope that you remember to love and live every minute of this life. Thank you for making me a mommy and coming to this family 13 short years ago. I LOVE YOU so much!
October 16th - Teach preschool, update blog, make lasagna dinner, pick up more boxes, unload a ton of sawdust with dad at the farm, pack box and haul stuff out of the garage, unload a little tension on Terry as he comes home, pack more boxes as I feel bad for my weaknesses, pack more boxes, then get to wound up to sleep. What a fun day lets do it again! I really hate moving I don't know if you knew that about me but I have never liked anything about it!
October 17th - So today I took the day off to go with my mom and dad to buy Bowdee some fainting goats in Goshen. It was such a great day to just spend time with my mom and dad. The goats are really shy because they were just left in a pasture but I am sure when spring comes and we have our first set of twins it will just be magical! Today in itself was magical just spending that much time with my mom and dad getting back to my roots of farmin!
October 19th - Today after packing for a while I decided to take a break and go wash Little Lady (Bowdee's nanny goat). She was a little shy but was so sweet and she looks so much better. Then I went to pick up the kittens from the vet I found a deal to get them all fixed for free. Then to pick up kids for piano, football and dance. Then to the farm to help dad in the dark with the manure spreader hydraulics then take apart our bed and crash at 12:00.
October 20th - 7:00 it wasn't even light yet and Terry's friend from work Greg and his wife show up to help us move all the heavy stuff I didn't want to do again. We got so much moved today and it was heavy stuff that was stressin me out. We got 2 loads finished and it felt so good all before 9:00 for Bowdee's first play off game.
They played at AF High against West Lake who Troys girlfriends son (Jackson) plays on that team. AF won so they will continue on another week. Bowdee played great I wish you could all see him play! He caught his first punt and got a few quarterback sacks. I just kept sitting back and looking at the view of the field nestled in the corner of Timpanogus backdrop thinking man this is one good life!
Then right after his football game he had his last soccer game. It's funny cuz his team has gone undefeated this season and when they see Bowdee show up they get all excited and say oh good Bowdee's here we are going to for sure win now. It was a great game 0-0 with 1 min left. There was a corner kick and they have Bowdee kick those. He kicked a good one but the other team kicked it out of bounds so he got another shot at it. He kicked it over every ones head to the other side of the goal and his team member chested it in for the game winning goal. What a fun game!
At 4:00 was Matia's last game of the season in soccer as well. She made a goal and they won 3-0. Everyone says that Matia is their favorite player to watch because she plays with such heart. If she gets a shove she is not afraid to shove right back. She is one determined player. After the game her coach took them all for ice cream at Macey's what a good way to end a great season. Then we got a hot dog roast picnic and headed to the farm with friends for a campfire and more fun.
October 21st - We loaded the trailer then headed for a drop at the farm. We had Tia's bed in there and we decided to put it up in the barn but to do that we needed to remove some fence panels then flatten with the tractor. I pulled out the power washer and washed the big doors so they would open and finished cleaning the walls. Kye and his girls came down to help and see the goats. We finally unloaded came home and finished cleaning out the office and living room. Things are getting pretty empty!