Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jan 28-Feb 3 finish flooring Cabinets/Super Bowl

Jan 28&29th Wow we got hit with some real snow and ice. It was crazy! So Terry spent the 2 days working from home because it just wasn't worth the risk to drive in. We went down to the farm and had to break out the tractor to plow our driveway and man that was sure fun! We love our John Deere! We also got the vinyl flooring all installed and it looks PERFECT! My friend Tonja came down to help us finish up and she was amazed at how much the house has changed.

Jan 30th Finally mom and dad came home from Hawaii. We sure missed having the "adults" in the family home as my nephew Izak calls them. I will sure enjoy dad being here so I don't have to drive down every morning to feed. And Tia will sure enjoy having a break from little Maggie (grandmas poodle who thinks she is connected to Matia when she is here.) I am just glad they came home I wasn't sure they would if they knew how bad the weather has been.

Jan 31st Ya know there are so many little things that just take so much time. Like installing the bathroom toilet, vanity, cabinet, light. It doesn't seem like much but it took us all night. We have been holding on to this vanity for 10 years now thinking we will someday be able to use it and we finally did. Terry just trimmed it to fit and walla it saved us $200 and doesn't look to bad either. Man I love being married to a Jack of all Trades!

Feb 1st Matia has been home sick now for 3 days. I hate seeing my kids sick but I love their cuddles. Tonight after Bowdee's basketball game (which yes they lost again) Terry and I went on a date. It has been a while since we have been on a date away from the farm. So we stopped at Home Dept for some things we needed and then hit the Life of PI show at the sticky shoe. It was just fun to be with my honey without the stress of rebuilding! Yes we still do love each other!

Feb 2nd Treg had his basketball game and then we headed down to install the master bathroom flooring. They didn't have enough of the same we did in the other rooms but this was still very cheap and I thought it looked nice. I have also been staining my cabinets that we didn't replace from a pinterest thing where you use Gel-Stain and it has turned out really nice! Better then buying new. But what a busy day.

Feb 3rd We spent the morning installing and getting electricity to the island. Then we went to Troys house for the Superbowl. It has been such a long time since we have last visited with him it was nice to just relax and enjoy some good company. My favorite part was watching the cousins play together they always get along so well. Thanks for having us over Troy it was a great night!