Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Friends of all time.

Growing up on a farm we always had a pet dog as part of the family. They were good dogs some of our best friends. Honey (German Shepard, Husky Mix) and Nicky (Collie) were the 2 I remember as I was a small child. I remember them both being very loyal, loving and fabulous friends for us kids.

We also had a black lab named Penny who was a fabulous and very athletic dog. She was a great mink catcher, when the mink would get out she would catch them and pin them to the ground without hurting them. Then my brothers or dad would take the mink from her and return them to their pen. I don't have the original photo of Penny but this is what I remember her looking like. I remember the day my neighbor shot him while we were at church and only fatally wounded her. That was a hard day!

Then as I turned 8 my dad bought me a dog named Jenny she was a great dane and man did she get BIG. But I loved her so much and she loved me just the same. I don't have an original photo of her but this is what I remember her to look like. Jenny had a heart attack is what the vets said because she grew so fast her heart couldn't keep up with her. She was 2 years old.

Then I got a little older like kids always do... And we got a new family dog named Buffy. This was our first "little dog" she was a little poodle that was fun for us girls to tote around with us every where we went. But Buffy got old and grumpy and had to go live with an older lady more her style.

Then we moved into the "City" and Kami and I became teenagers. I don'tknow if this was just coincidence or very well thought through from a father with 2 daughters going throught the teenage years. But dad brought home a red doberman pincer named Missy. She was a great dog. I was amazed at how loving these dobermans were. We loved her so much we got another doberman named Jake.

Missy got hit by a UPS truck, the truck didn't even dare get out of the truck he just left her in the road. That was a hard hard day for me. So it was Jake who was left to protect us girls. That lasted for a while until all our boyfriends found out how loving he was then the didn't get to afraid of him anymore. Well shortly after I met Terry, we believe Jake had a heart attack. We found him resting peacefully in the back yard.

Then I got married and moved away. I didn't feel an urge to even get a dog because Terry and I were very busy... Well I thought that was the reason but looking back I really believe I was afraid of the day my new friend would leave me. You see I have never dealt well with death wether it was a person, farm animal or my dear pets. But shortly after I was married Kyle brought home the cutest chocolate lab puppy I have ever seen, and he named him "Timber". I can still remember Timbers puppy love. It's not hard to forget because he never lost that puppy bounce of course as he aged his bounce was not as strong or big but whenever we would come home he would bounce right up to us like he did the day Kyle adopted him. Another thing that is so special about Timber is he was the strong and silent type so full of love. When he was a puppy Kyle was teaching him to fetch and he was SO good at it.Kyle through a stick and he caught it but it jabbed into the ground and down his throat ruining his voice box. Never to bark again he would grumble or groan but no barks. I truely feel that we were Timbers true family, he was not our pet but we were his family. June 19 Timber passed away he was 99 years old in dog years. He was nearly blind and his hips hurt him so bad he could barely climb the steps to get into the house. He was loosing control of his bowel and we believe he had cancer... Yet even the last time I visited him he bounced right up to me to give me loves. Yes his bounce was slow and painful but so full of love. Kyle thank you for sharing Timber with all of us. And Timber your the most loving dog I have ever met... until next time my big buddy... I love you.

I guess if I am mentioning all our family dogs I must mention our "Crazy Maggie". Maggie is a head case who is often confused. When we all grew up and had families of our own my mom felt like she needed a "lap dog" so Kami and I found Maggie and took her home to our mom. Maggie had a hard life before my mom and now my mom is her comfort. Maggie has been great for my kids before we got Dash. I know the Grandkids all enjoy babysitting her.