Monday, January 24, 2011

Ice Fishing w/ Kyes Fam

Sunday Kami called and asked if she could take Bowdee boarding to the Canyons with Izak. You just can't say no to an offer like that so we sent Bowdee on his way to have a great day with his bud. Thanks Kami for giving Bowdee such a great experience.
Then we headed up to Deer Creek to go ice fishing with Kyles family. Emilee had never done this before so she was nervous to get on the ice. But she was a real trooper and I think she really enjoyed it.
She caught one fish and I caught 3 I guess there was a little girl power going on because the boys didn't catch anything. Not that I am bragging or anything but we even baited our own hooks.
The kids had fun pulling each other around on the sleds and playing their little games. The girls would take turns fishing but as much as they wished it the fish just wouldn't bite their bait. :(
It was a good time! After fishing we went to see the ice castles in Midway again. However, we got there and they were gone. So we found them in the city center to find they were closed on Sunday and this year they are charging $5.00 an adult and $3.00 for children. Which was a bummer.

5th Grade Boarders

So when your child goes into 5th grade they are offered a skiing/boarding passport for just $25.00. With the passport they get 3 passes to each ski resort in utah and some others in different states as well. So on Friday I checked Izak and Bowdee out of school early and took them to Solitude. All it costed us was the gas to get there. I choose to save my money to board with the family so I sent these 2 boys up on the lift all by themselves.
I seriously got a tear in my eye just like when I sent them to Kindergarten. I could feel the thrill they got from the independance and it made me sick. Ya I am happy for them and I trust them but at the same time it made me realize in just a few years they will be going without me at all. They had a wonderful time they got on the first lift at about 12:00 and didn't stop until 4:30 when they closed the lifts.
Well they did stop to take a quick hot chocolate break with me. But I think that was more for me then them. I think they felt bad for me just sitting at the bottom of the hill reading my book and watching for them to come down and wave to them after each run. I tell you what the whole ride home they were as quiet as can be and yes they sleep so good that night.

I remember coming home from ski days with my family and all of us just crashing to watch a movie with my mom. All 6 of us were spralled all over her room where ever we landed. Ah the feeling of complete exhaustion after a great day on the slopes... There is nothing like it! I must say going back to Solitude made me homesick for the days Kami and I worked there. I have never had a job I liked better then being a Mountain Host... Ya I would ski around all day getting paid to look for people who were lost, hurt or lonely. It was a job of a lifetime.