Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dec 1-4 Christmas Work Party

Friday Terry and I got to go out on a real date! I know I was so excited I just couldn't wait. I do have to say I have not done classy in a very long time. And I have never met most of the people Terry works with so I was slightly intimidated. But I was so excited to go on an official date with Terry I really didn't care.

We went to the Grand America Hotel in Downtown Salt Lake. It was great they served the most delicious dinner I have had in a very long time. It was so fancy Terry just had to take a photo of it with his phone. With a salad wrapped in cucumber, steak, salmon, and layered potatoes to die for ending the meal with a amazing pumpkin cheesecake.

Then they had a comedian come on stage that was hilarious! Of course I haven't seen a comedian for a long time so to me it was very entertaining! I truly felt like I was back into the dating world where Terry was trying to impress me... It worked... It was so fun to reconnect with him and we couldn't have done it if our kids were such good kids to watch each other and have fun at home without us. Thanks for the date Terry!

Saturday the kids had such great report cards that I promised them a trip to Mr. E's Sport Card shop and Build a Bear so we went and did a little shopping while we were at it. Then we stopped by Firehouse Sub for Terry to share his new found favorite sub with us. They were amazing by the way if you haven't been you definitely should try it.

We came home and did some chores then at 4:30 we offered to do babysitting for the Military Christmas Party. My kids decided to do the babysitting and I would give them all the money to buy their Christmas gifts. Well only 2 kids showed up Jack and Camdyn. It's probably a good thing because they were a hand full. But it taught my kids a lot about babysitting. This little Jack loved going into Maggies kennel and shutting the door. My kids were fine with it to as long as he was happy and not breaking anything.

Sunday we went to Cabela's to do a little Christmas shopping. Even though Christmas is still 22 days away my kids are so anxious to get all their Christmas presents bought and wrapped. I guess I have to say I am thankful they are not procrastinators. So we went and bought some daddy/brother gifts then we headed back up to Strawberry hoping for the same luck we had last week.

So the fishing was not as hot as last week the fish are biting less aggressively. I had 8 good bites and 2 caught fish. Bowdee caught 2, Treg 1 and Terry 3 but they were all cuts and just under the slot at 20 & 21" fish. So they were fun to catch but so hard for us to let them go.

It was also colder, we knew a storm was coming in and we got about 3" of fresh snow while we were there. So the kids spent alot of time in the truck staying warm but did come out and fish for a while.

Bowdee was our most dedicated fisher child of the night. It was fun just to be out in the peace and quite still of the night fishing with snow blowing in our faces.