Friday, November 1, 2013

Oct 1-31st - 4H Halloween party, Bowdee's Bday, Matia Clearcreek, Mom & Dads cabin, Bowdee's first buck, Building Paddocks, Halloween

October this month our ranch project is to get started on the paddocks for our horses and to get the automatic/heated water systems set up so that we are not fighting frozen water all winter long. It will be a big project and all our extra time will be spent on it but it will be worth it in the end.

Oct 10th - This month was also a busy month. We started out with our 4H Halloween Dressup party and yes we had to dress up the horses as well. They all came up with their own ideas of what they wanted to do and Treg got 3rd scariest, Matia got 1st cutest, Bowdee well his was so cool they didn't have an award for that. It was a good time that is for sure!

Oct 11th - Bowdee's 14th birthday party. Well Bowdee invited a lot of friends from school and football to a birthday party at our house. This is big for him because he shys away from inviting people to his house that he is not CLOSE friends to. Well with the fall break this weekend the only kids that ended up coming was his 5 closest friends. Which turned out perfect to him. Izak, Dylan, Ryan Dixon, Annie, and Adi. Love every one of these friends they are so good to him!

Oct 12th - Bowdee got an early birthday present. He got to go to a Utes game with Terry. This is one of Bowdee's favorite things to do especially with his dad. The weather was perfect and they had good seats and they even went out to eat. Love you Bowdee and we love to support your passion in football. Go Utes!

Oct 15th - My sweet baby boy turned 14 today. I can't hardly believe it. I remember bringing him home from the hospital thinking "We need a manual" honestly who trusts people with children. How can they just send him home with me. What if I mess this up?" I have had moments of messing up but Bowdee I hope you realize dad and I only want the best for you and we are doing our best as well. Love you sweet Boy!

Oct 15th-16th - Matia had the great opportunity to go to Clear Creek for the night. I remember when I went in 6th grade and how much fun I had. I just was so excited for her. She of course loved every minute being away from home. She is not one to get homesick much. Even though she does love being home I think she likes the independence of being away.

Oct 17th - So my parents own a cabin just east of Park City that they have been renting out for about 5 years now. The people that were renting it just bought a cabin next to theirs so they were able to get it back. So I spent the day to go up and assess the cabin. The people that were there really did take good care of it, but it is so nice to have it back. We are looking forward to making some good memories there in the near future.

Oct 20th - Terry took Bowdee up hunting to Hickman for the day. This was their second time up with Bowdee being in football he doesn't have to much time for an over nighter. But they went up for the day and didn't even get to take the 4-wheelers because the trailer was full of wood for the shelters.

Oct 29th - Matia and Terrys Activity Days Daddy Daughter Date. Matia has been so excited to dress up with her Daddy to go on this date for so long they have been planning it for over a month. So she decided to do Dorothy from Wizard of OZ and Terry said if I could make him this Scarecrow he would wear it. But only this one. I told him he could be the Lion that he wore in 2000, but I just got a scowl and a NO WAY! I thought they turned out so darling together. They both had a fabulous night.

Oct 30th - The paddocks for the horses are coming along. Slowly yes but surely we will get them done one of these days. I just hope it is before the snow falls and it gets to cold to work outside. Terry assures me that now it should fly and take no time at all.

Oct 31st - Halloween Oh how we love Halloween at our house. All the kids have thought and thought of what they want to be and of course I go along with it. I keep thinking about the years in the near future where they will just be too cool to dress up. So I am glad they are having fun with it and really putting some thought into what they wanted to be.

The Halloween fun all started the night before Halloween when I decorated the table and made the family a fun Halloween dinner. They all loved it because instead of making something gross I just made bacon potatoe soup and bought pumpkin bread bowls. So they all LOVED me!

Then Halloween morning the makeup begins. With Terry being the artist in the family there is not much for me to do so instead I made breakfast. Every year Terry amazes me with how well he can paint a face. So since there isn't much for me to do I just made breakfast and got the kids in their costumes.

Ya, donuts for breakfast I am a one of a kind mother. But they were decorated so that made it ok! Right? Treg couldn't wear his mask to school so Terry had to do 2 Wolverines! But oh they look so good! I had a hard time washing this wolverine away for the steve off of minecraft.

Finally they were all off to work and school. That is when I started working on a costume for me to go to Matia's school party. She doesn't like the fact I am always a witch so I had to change things up, so it was kinda tricky. But it all worked out. Her school party was fun I love watching her at school.

After the school parties I checked them both out of school and headed to daddys work for his big work party. It was tons of fun and they get so creative! The kids didn't complain at all about the amount of candy they got either.

We came home and I became a panicked mess trying to get the jackolantern pizza, take all the photos I wanted, make sure they ate my healthy dinner ;) , and then getting them off to trick or treat on time. I know it is a holiday and it should not be rushed but Halloween always seems to end up that way. Matia wasn't to excited about my jello/straw worms.

Bowdee stayed home this year to hand out candy we even bought the full sized candy bars and we only had 5 trick or treaters. It was so sad for us we love handing out candy and seeing all my preschoolers that come to say hi. Matia and Treg went trick or treating with their cousins Allee and Gavin and they had fun but our kids just never last too long.