Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aug 1-8 Boating / Strawberry Fishing

August sure went fast! Crazy how the older I get the faster time goes. Ya this month I had my 37th birthday. Not sure how I feel about that. Through one eye I see how mature I have become and love watching my family grow. Yet the other eye refuses to see the good and focuses on the lines on my face and its like it can see the pain my joints I am now gaining when I do simple things I use to do so simply.

We did make it out once this week to Utah lake with a neighbor and Kamis kids... That was fun. Then Bowdee had football tryouts which he made the team he wanted...

He made Barron's A-team, of course he would have played his best and just been excited to play football but now he is extra excited to get the football year started.

We also had our last swim meet of the year. Then the following day the kids got their awards. Bowdee took 2nd, Matia took 12th, Treg took 6th and that was with missing a meet for Flaming Gorge. I am so proud of the great swimmers they have become.

We spent Friday night and Saturday doing chores (cleaning out the barn, yard work, you know not out fun playing but working work). But when Sunday rolled around we just coudn't take it any more so we pulled the boat up to Strawberry to catch us some lunkers for dinner... Well Kristi caught 6 lil' 13" fish,
Matia caught a butterfly,
Treg a crawfish,
Terry a guppy,
and Bowdee well he caught a water snake! So it was a fun eventful day yet it didn't quite fill our dinner plates like we had hoped.