Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dec 24-30 Christmas Vacation

Dec 24th Monday - We started out at the farm working again... we got alot accomplished well it feels like it even if we didn't see alot get done. Then we wrapped a few gifts that were hidden in the stall barn and headed home. We ate a nice roast dinner, watched Christmas movies and tried to sleep so Santa could come. But at 12:30 we were all still wide awake with our eyes shut, trying as best we could to fall asleep.

Dec 25th Tuesday - Grandpa came over at 5:45 and waited for the call of when he should bring in our Daisy  package. Grandma was home sick with the flu and just so sad she wasn't there to see Tregs reaction. We gave him Daisy first and he was so excited, so was Daisy so it made for a little confusion, I didn't help much by insisting on getting the perfect picture with the bow and name tag on her before she ripped it off.

After the confusion settled a little we opened all our gifts from Santa. Treg got his dog supplies he asked for and a few lego animals. Matia got her waterproof, freeze proof, and drop proof camera so she can have it on the farm at all times. Bowdee got the NFL 2012 full card collection that he asked for and he also got a weight lifting bench that surprised him. I got a nice jacket to use on the farm with gloves and a belt buckle. Terry got some new cowboy boots.

After all the gifts were unwrapped and sorted we headed to the farm to do some feeding. Grandpa jumped right on feeding the horses and we were going to help when Matia heard her gift crying for her breakfast. She didn't hesitate she ran right over and opened her package that was wrapped in a stall. Her sweet Cocoa Jones she calls her. She was so excited and just couldn't leave her alone.
Bowdee unwrapped his gift and he was super excited to get a pool/ping pong table.  Treg unwrapped his after Bowdee and he got a kennel big enough for his sweet Daisy. So they were all happy and excited, horses we fed, this cute photo was taken and then I needed to go inside for a minute...

and I had to visit the bathroom in the house when I discovered Santa had left a big wrapped gift for the family in our bedroom it was a gun safe like the one Terry has wanted for the last 10 years! It was a picture perfect Christmas everyone as happy as could be we just missed having grandma here to enjoy it with us.

Dec 26th Wednesday - The Crawfords are in town so we were so very excited to have them come visit us on the farm. Ted is extremely allergic to horses, but we took them around to see what we have got ourselves into. We just love them like crazy what a sweet sister Terry has and fun brother-in-law.
Dec 27th Thursday - Terry was suppose to go back to work today but he decided the roads were not safe enough so he just worked from home. It was fun to have him here and I wish he could work from home more often. During lunch we took a quick load to the dump (I know dead sexy huh). Then after work we went right to work at the farm when we got there Kami was there unloading her 2 horses.
She got Goliath for Lakota to try for the winter (but really I think she just wanted him for her). Then she got this cute mustang for Izak. Her name is Cedar and she was from North Logan. Izak is just so into this horse thing lately. I love to see his passion. I really hope these 2 horses turn out to be some good horses. Kami has put so much work into finding the right thing for her kids.
Dec 28th Friday - After taking the kids to ToysRus, Buildabear, Target photos for Bowdee and lunch with Terry we went to visit Matia's sweet penpal Lovie. She has been a LONG time friend of my moms that Matia just loves to pieces. We had a great visit setting up a lamp my parents gave her and chit chatting about this and that. When we got in the car mom got a call from Kami. There had been an accident with Izak and his new horse.
He was tying her up when Cedar freaked and pulled back cinching the rope on his hand and pulling him down, she reared up and hit her hoof to Izaks front tooth breaking it at the gums, he fell back hit his head on the fence and climbed under the fence to get away. He ended up breaking the tooth off and the roots were shattered and pushed up into his nostril bone. So they had to take him into surgery to remove all the pieces. Just so sad I feel for him!
Then after visiting him and feeling so bad for him that I wanted to cry. Tammie and Ted called and invited us up to SLC to have dinner with them. So we got KFC on the way up to Little America and we had a FABULOUS night just talking about life. Then we went to check out the City Creek Center which we had not done yet. It was fun to see the lights and the amazing center. Man we sure love this cute couple we always have so much fun when we are together. Thanks Tammie and Ted for a great date night!
Dec 29th Saturday - Terry enjoyed a day on the slopes with Tammie and Ted at good ol' Brighton. I was jealous but we just don't have the money to spend on playing right now. So I sent him to have a good time and I stayed with the kids and we had fun playing at the farm, then we went to watch Wreck it Ralph which was so super cute. Then Tonja and Holly called to see if I could sneak away for the night. So we went to eat and shopped a little. I just am so thankful for such good friends.
Dec 30th Sunday - Bright and early Terry and I headed down to the farm to start texturing the ceiling in hopes that we could finish it. I wasn't much help since Bowdee was doing such a great job helping Terry so I spent the day in the garage cleaning and reorganizing it. It looked alot better after I worked on it for a while. Terry and Bowdee finished the ceiling and at the end of the day we were all exhausted. Then we came home and Kyles girls slept over. Man I love those girls and I love how they play so well together.