Monday, April 8, 2013

April 1-7 Spring Break

4/1 Monday - We woke up to our door tied shut. Luckily Terry was able to weasel out of it. Then Treg gave us an Oreo cookie for breakfast that was filled with toothpaste. I tried to tell the kids they were late for school but nobody fell for that so I Vaselined their door knobs. Anyway there were tricks happening all day long. Bowdee even tried to set our alarm for 3:00 in the morning, we found out that one at 3:00pm when the alarm went off. What fun we had.
Then we had invited a lot of our friends to come down and check out the farm for Family Farm Night. We had the Harris's,Carr's, McBride's, Hall's, Jackson's and Prestwich's show up. It was perfect sad not everyone could come but those that came had fun riding horses, feeding baby goats and enjoying some yummy chicken bbq sandwiches. I think it was just fun for those that haven't seen this place to come check out what we have been up to. I loved seeing my friends and sharing our happiness with them.
Kyle & Dad showed up during our Family Farm night with 2 new horses. Kyle's friend Lund gave Kyle Kiwi she is a 16 year old sweet as can be horse for the kids. She will be perfect for Tayla to use for 4H (which starts Thursday). She will also be perfect for Lily and Joey to build confidence on and really start to fall in love with these horses.
Colorado is a 6 year old Quarter Horse who is gorgeous. He reminds us our our sweet Princess (the horse I grew up on). He is a more advanced horse riders kind of horse. He is super sweet like Goliath though. Loves attention by anyone and everyone but just so young he gets scared from the simplest things. I don't think Kyle is going to be able to keep him but Dad is hoping to turn him into a horse that anyone can ride. So we will see where he goes from here.
4/2 Tuesday - So we adopted our last goat. Matia put up a really sweet ad on KSL looking for a baby mini Nubian. Well she got a response from a lady that is moving to Florida soon and won't be able to take their family pet which is Lily a white Nigerian Dwarf goat. She is 2 and she acts like a dog. Mom and dad went up to pick her up with me. She will take some getting used to us and our life but we will see how it goes she seems sweet.
Today we had so many left overs that we invited our families over again to help us use up some of this food before it goes bad. So we did some horse back riding, dinner, campfire in the arena and then Kyle's 3 girls and 2 of Troy's girls slept over. I sure love my nieces they make sure they always give me a great big hug when they see me which always warms my heart. So I was happy to have them all over for the night.
4/3 Wednesday - I went and woke up all 8 kids at 7:30 to get their chores done. There was no complaining and as they were all out milking, feeding, cleaning and working I made them dinner. They didn't stop working until 10:00 when they asked if they could ride horses for a little. I figured if they are going to work that long and hard they deserved whatever fun they wanted. So we saddled Holly, Kiwi, and Robbie and the horses did GREAT and the girls had tons and tons of fun!
Then at 11:30 the Callaway's came over to check out the farm. So we let them ride horses before we put them away. Bowdee and Annie saddled Jake and Holly and went for a trail ride down to my aunts house. They have so much fun when they are together. Then we let them feed the baby goats their bottles which I think they all LOVED! Eva wasn't to sure about all the animals but by the time they left she was missing it. I kept the older kids until 4:30
Right after they left Terry got home and we decided we needed to dehorn Cowboy. So Matia and Treg stayed inside. Bowdee told dad he would help him and they went to the barn. I went out with the goats to keep Cocoa busy so she wouldn't hear Cowboy crying. Well this was by far the worst experience on the farm so far. We went to Cal-Ranch to get the dehorner. We asked for a goat dehorner for our baby goat and they gave us a calf dehorner. This being our first time we didn't know any better. We had youtubed it and figured we could do it on our own. Yes we should have called mom and dad to have them come help us the first time but we didn't.
And yes I should have researched to make sure we had the right size but figured Cal-Ranch knows everything so we were good... Lots to learn today, I just wish it never had to happen like this. Bowdee held poor Cowboy while Terry dehorned him. But the dehorner was so big it burned 1/2 of his whole head and part of his ear... We took him to some near by goat ranchers and they gave us some advise. We went home and I cried along with Tia. It was a LONG HARD night. I haven't hurt this bad in a long time. I will tell you what though. Next time we go to do something like this I am going to research the hell out of it before doing anything. I am so sorry my sweet Cowboy. I just pray you will be tough and heal fast. We all love you baby boy.
4/4 Thursday - Today me and the kids just did whatever we wanted. We went for a drive to Orem and got some donuts, sports cards, and slurpees. Then we came home and since Cowboy was doing so good I took him to Kerry's to burn the other horn. Which went so much better... Then came back and packed up the horses and headed up to 4-H. This was our first night and everything mostly went ok. Robbie was being difficult but Matia held her own and kept him under control. I am so proud of my kids for taking this step and doing their best.
4/5 Friday - Tonight we went to my Aunt Dixie,s for a cousin reunion. It was so good to see everyone there and talk to them. Dinner was fabulous and Carolyn and Mary gave me a bad time about having baby goats because now their kids want some too. Uncle Don and Aunt Marleen are going on another mission. This one is to Nauvoo where they will be dressed up performing to all the visitors they sang us a few of their songs and Don played his sax and I just have to say they are amazing and Nauvoo is in for a real treat! We sure have a great family with amazing people!
4/6 Saturday - Well Terry and I headed to the preschool house to work on the sheet rock in the one bedroom unfinished. I am so sick and tired of construction but it has to be done so we got started because that is the only way to finish is to start. It won't be too bad to just do one room but we need to do it fast so that will not be fun.
We came home for lunch and dad said did you see the wheel barrow I bought for the ranch? I turned around and found this cute little John Deere Ranch Utility truck thinger with a dump bed on the back. It will sure be fun for the kids to run around on and feed the horses with. I tell you what my dad sure knows how to make work fun.
4/7 Sunday - General conference. I would have loved to sit down cuddle up with my kids and enjoy the words of the church authorities. But Terry and I went back to the preschool house to get back to work with the sheet rock. We finally got it finished today which felt good.. Well not finished but sheet rock all up on the walls. We even got the trampoline and brought it to the farm. Little by little right?