Monday, January 28, 2013

Jan 21-27 Paint Walls and start flooring

Jan 21st Monday - So with the kids being out of school Bowdee had a birthday party to go to and Matia and Treg went to play at Emilee's while I went on a hot lunch date with my honey. We went to Lowe's and they had some vinyl flooring on clearance but our store didn't have enough it was on clearance for $0.62 a sq/ft. So we went to Murray and they had the same stuff for $0.16 a sq foot with a 25 year warranty/stain master/usually $1.27 sq/ft then we got a 5% discount off that so we bought the whole roll. It's not what we would like in our dream home but it will be perfect for the farm home.
Jan 22nd-25th we spent down at the farm once again I would paint the walls while Terry would start doing the light fixtures. We worked really hard to complete all the painting before the weekend so we could start the flooring. To install they vinyl it costs $1.11 a sq/ft so Terry decided to try it again. He did a room in our Eagle Mnt. home and he kicked a whole through the stuff. So he is a bit nervous but I am sure he will do a fantastic job! Thank you Mindy for helping me paint on Wed. that really helped so much!
Jan 26th Saturday - Right after the basketball games Terry and I rented the pressure roller for $22.00 a day at Home Dept. Took a deep breath and started laying the vinyl. It took us a little longer then we expected but slow and easy was our thinking. Luckily Kami came to visit and ended up helping us install our first piece. Which was the hardest because we were so nervous of what we were doing. Thank you Kami for helping us out.
Jan 27th Sunday - Bright and early we let the kids sleep in while we headed to the farm for more flooring fun! So we worked from 7 in the morning until 6 at night installing the kitchen and cutting out the hall, laundry, and bath. Half way through we did pick up the kids, have lunch and return the roller but that was our only break. Yes, we are getting beat but Terry reminds me still we are getting closer. We came home and relaxed to some good old football game. Both of us too tired to do anything else.

Jan 14th-20th Primer/White Paint

Jan 14-18th we spent the week nights again down at the farm chalking the trim, taping, painting the floor and getting ready for primer on Saturday. It was alot of late nighters but we are getting excited to see it all start coming together. My mom and dad left for a 2 week cruise in Hawaii so we are babysitting their poodle Maggie and doing all the feeding chores. It's just hard because we don't live there. But man I love those animals at the farm!
Jan 19th Saturday - So right after Treg's Basketball game we headed down to the farm to spray the primer. It took us 6 hours but we did it. Terry of course does such an excellent job at everything he does. Seriously you would think I would get used to his excellence but he still amazes me. And the house already looks better. I am excited for the other paint now.
Jan 20th Sunday - Of course we went back to the farm after picking up another 5 gallons of paint just to make sure we had enough. Then we went down and started spraying the white trim, doors, closets, ceiling. We still didn't have enough paint so after 6&1/2 hours and 17 gallons of paint we finally finished her. It looks amazing now to pick out the colors.

Jan 7-13th Sanding/Trim Basketball Starts

Jan 7-10th we spent the weeknights at basketball practices, sanding texture and starting trim work. I had a really bad week, I am just so tired and it seems like there is no hope in sight of ever moving to the farm. Kyle and Emilee just bought a beautiful house down by our farm and they are already moving in and we aren't even painting. But Terry reminds me every day that we are getting closer. So lets hope he is right.
Jan 11th Friday - Tonight Bowdee and Coach Terry had their first Basketball game so let the games begin. They didn't win but Bowdee had 6 points, 6 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block. It is fun to watch the boys get more competitive. They lost 45 to 28 but they played hard and they are learning how each other plays most of the other teams have been together for years. Anyway good playing Bowdee, I sure love to watch you play!
Jan 12th Saturday - Treg's 1st basketball game was at 8:00 in Alpine. I wasn't able to go because I had to get Matia to her basketball game on time. But Terry said he played really good and did his best. I still can't believe we have to drive all the way up to Alpine to get a court for them to play on.
Matia's 1st basketball game was at 9:00 at the Jr. High. She is on the same team with the same coach as she has had for years. Which is a good thing we love her team it makes it so fun for her. She also had 2 of her close friends that she dances with join the team so she is just loving it. She is still that aggressive tough player and we all love watching her play. Of course she is now the shortest player on the team.
After all the games were over we headed down to the farm to start installing the trim. Bowdee helped us and it is fun to see him get trained in these kinds of things. He had fun doing it and he thinks it is way cool that he is helping us finish the house. He is really becoming a great helper. Terry almost prefers his help to mine.