Friday, March 16, 2012

February 2012

Ok so this is what the basement looks like at the first of this month. I thought if I just get you one picture at the first of the month during this process you will see how much we have done during that month. Last month we got all the sheet rocking, mudding, and texturing completed. This month we hope to put some color on the walls. We will see what we get to, I guess the one good thing is we are just doing this as much or as little as we want. There is no real hurry so we just don't feel any pressure at all and it has been fun for us... Well most of the time it has been fun.

On Superbowl Sunday the 5th Terry and I left the kids home to relax and just do whatever they wanted to do as we went up to Strawberry for a little ice fishing... I don't know what it was but that day Terry caught ALL the fish. I am not even sure I got a bite, but he had alot of fun and I was kept busy taking all this pictures of all his fish.. :( Then we came home and watched the super bowl with Bowdee. He is such a sports nut its crazy!

Then on the 11th Terry and I went up to Starvation for more ice fishing with some friends. It was looking promising by all the photos we had seen of fish pulled out of there recently but it really wasn't that great. In fact I was quite disappointed. We had some good laughs and good conversations and here is our friend Clayton who did catch a fish!

I really don't like getting skunked so the next day Terry and I dropped the boys off at Sundance to have a little fun then we went up to Deer Creek to try our luck again. This time he caught at least 6 and I caught at least 6. Yes they were smaller but it was snowing like crazy outside our tent and it was magical inside. We had alot more fun this time! Of course whenever I am catching fish it is a good time! :0

Valentines day was filled with pink and red food, hugs and kisses and I love yous! I know everyone loves their family but I sure have fun showing them how much I love them by doing little things for them on these holidays. Like special surprises in their lunches, a little gift under the tree, heart shaped pizza for dinner and there is always reading at bedtime. I love you guys and I hope you can feel it every day in all the little ways of your life!

FHE at the Grizzly game on the 16th we took the whole family and went with Kyle and his family to watch the Grizzly game. We won and that made it fun then we saw Troy and his family across the arena and had fun pulling faces at them. Just watching hockey makes me wish we had an arena closer so Terry could do more hockey playing. He use to play on the ponds by Grantsville with some friends and he is so fun to watch.

Presidents Day weekend after basketball games and horse riding lessons for Tia we went out to Wendover to just relax for the weekend. Terry and I just needed to take some time away from the basement and life. Sometimes we just get to caught up and busy.
So it was fine with us to sit in a hotel room and watch the alligator guy show with the kids and all the other funny shows they never get to watch. Of course there was dinner at Pizza Hut, the Arcade, and chilling in our room that opened up to the Atrium which the kids thought was WAY COOL! Matia and I googled towel animals and this elephant is what we came up with. I also loved just flippin through pinterest. Yes I am an addict!
Then at night Terry and I went out dancing. Man I love dancing with Terry he is just so cute! Seriously, I am so in love with this man! I even got a little lucky tonight and won like $100 from the free money they give us to gamble with. That on top of the free rooms you just can't beat it.

So about a month ago Matia started taking horse back riding lessons from a lady in PG. She has loved it anything to do with horses she loves. Grandpa Covington offered to pay for 1/2 of it, you see this just thrills him inside to have a grand daughter that shares the same love as him. So this is a photo of her at her horse lessons just loving every minute of it.

I won the bet! You see at the first of Feb Terry bet me I couldn't lose 8 pounds and yes 8 is alot for one month but I am so determined that I took that bet. He bet me anything I wanted, if I won I got anything. So I worked my fanny off this month and I lost that 8 pounds with 4 days to spare. So I told him I wanted a Honda Pilot, we have been talking about it and I think it is more for him so he doesn't have to watch my drive his truck around town. But we found one we really like for a decent price and we bought it. So here is my trophy for beating him at the bet. Thanks Babe!

Jan 15-31 In a nutshell

So yes I am so far behind in my blogging that it is sickening. You see I got a discount for publisher books to get my scrapbook for 2011 done without the extra page fee. So I have spent my blogging time for scrapbooking and now I am behind in this.

You see I have run into a problem with my scrapbooking and it looks something like this... Although I have the rest of them stored in my bedroom closet because they all wont fit in this closet. See this scrapbooking of mine is just taking up too much space in my house. So I have started doing digital so instead of 3 big huge 12x12 books that are about 2 inches thick each for one year. I am getting it bound into a book that is only 1 inch thick. It seems more expensive now but I am sure in the future I will be glad I changed my ways.

The last half of January was fun as always I must say I have never enjoyed January but this year has been ok for me. I don't know if it is because I signed up for my first triathlon and so I am looking ahead to the future and not the snowless winter days that we have had this year or what. But YES I am going to get that triathlon off my buckets list come May. I am just hoping I can cross the finish line, Kami signed up with me so it will be fun to have something to work towards. So working out of course has been a big part of my days well just about 1-2 hours depending on the day but it sure cuts into my schedule.

With our pass of all passes we got free Grizzly hockey game tickets so Terry took the boys and went with Troy and his girls while I carpooled Matia to dance. She is so funny she happy to go to dance rather then some sporting event. Silly girl she drags her feet to dance every week except this one just because she is getting out of a hockey game. The boys had fun and came home with so much excitement they are ready to go again!

Then on the 20th I went out to Wendover with Holly and Tonja. They are such great girls and I don't know what it is but when I am with them they just have a way of making me feel young. I guess it is all that giggling we do when we are together. We went to see "Little Big Town" at the concert hall. It was fun but it was no Sawyer Brown! Then we spent the next night dancing at the Nugget. I don't think we stopped until 2:30 in the morning. But we did have a good time and yes we slept really good and didn't wake up until right before check-out time. Thanks Girls!

That week was filled with more basement work, basketball practices, basketball games, piano, dance, scouts, and spending $500 on paint for the basement. Yes we are getting closer and it is so fun to see it coming along! The kids have been so good to do their homework without us and reading at bedtime together and going to sleep on time so we can just keep working. They want it finished more then we do! But it is fun to see how far it has come just this year!

Then on the 27th I got to go to see One for the Money with some fun friends of mine who share the same love for those books. These girls were in the book club with me some time back and they got me reading these Janet Evanovich books which were just hilarious. So when we found out they were making a movie for the first one we started planning a party for it. We ate some delicious food, talked about these funny books with 2 hot guys in it, and then went to watch the movie. It was good but like always my imagination is so much more creative. But I did love the movie!

The 28th Terry went elk hunting with the boys again. So this was a good night for a movie so me and the kids went to see Real Steel at the sticky shoe. We all loved the movie so much that I think someday we will have to buy it. We all just wish Terry was there to see it with us even though he is not a big movie goer we all agreed he would have loved this one. Then Tayla and Izak got to sleep over, staying up late and chit chatting like cousins do. While I stayed up making 12 days of Valentines for Terry.