Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 12-14 - Loving Life

March 12th Tuesday - After school Matia's life long friend came to help Matia celebrate her birthday. Matia isn't into large birthday parties anymore so she got to choose one friend to have an American Girl Birthday party with and she chose Daisy. They get along so good. I wonder if it is because they have always been friends or just because they are alike... Whatever the reason I love Matia having such good friends. So we went to Walmart picked out some fabric and came home to sew dresses for the dolls. Then they sang, had cupcakes, opened gifts, then went to do the chores while the dolls took their horses out for a ride. I love these girls they are so sweet.
So then we went to Bowdee's basketball tournament game they have been playing so well these last few games it is like it all clicked and they started working harder to win the game. They ended up losing the game but it was so close 43 to 38. It was a great game and Bowdee made the most points he has made all season, we were ahead with 3 min left and they just pulled ahead. They were entered in the second bracket since they haven't won a regular season game and they finished in 2nd place. So it was so exciting for them. What a great season thanks for playing so hard Bowdee... I love it! What a good way to enjoy the last bball game of the season for this family.
March 13th Wednesday - Today I had so many things planned to make Tregs Bday cake, clean the house, do laundry, plan preschool, and many many more things. But I dropped it all when my sister Kami called and asked me to go to Layton with her to check out a horse for Izak. To have the opportunity to spend the day like that with her at such an exciting time of her life was fun. Life is just too short not to take those opportunities when they unexpectedly come along. Thanks Kami and Izak for letting me be a part of bringing Flash (Mingo) to our farm. So now you know all the things I will be doing tomorrow.