Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 3-Sept 9th Finally we own a FARM!

September 3rd, Monday - Yes it is Labor Day and no we are not out boating or camping or playing. But we are here taking care of business. We had a cute couple come from Midway to look at the boat (which when they saw we were buying a farm) they asked us if we wanted a chicken hutch. So they brought that too us and checked out the boat. We decided we need to get serious about selling the boat. It was about 5 hours later we finally climbed out of the boat EXHAUSTED and sweaty! But she sure shines now.

September 4th, Tuesday - Preschool here we come. I can't say I was entirely ready for preschool to be here but it will be a nice distraction from all this farm drama. So all our kids and parents came today for orientation and I have to say we have some darling kids. Then we found out that we are not closing today because when they submitted our taxes it put us over the debt to income ratio so they have to get it approved then wait another 24 hours before we can close! REALLY! To think we were hoping to close by July 15th!

September 5th, Wednesday - Today I talked to my Realtor and he said that they had an appraisal review. The new appraiser really liked the property and thought it was well worth $500K. Now they have to pass it on to underwriting and if it gets approved there we can close Friday, which is our extension date anyway. We showed our boat and he offered us 22K when we are asking 26K, I just can't do it, I Love that boat!

September 6th Thursday - Preschool today was photo day so we let the kids play a little extra and get to know each other a little better so they will want to come to school to be with their friends. Then I took them outside and we took our class photos. Man I love my job, it just doesn't get much better then this does it? While I was teaching I got a text saying all is going through on the farm and closing is scheduled for tomorrow at 3:00. Crossing our fingers, toes, and everything else we can cross! My sister Kathy posted this on her facebook and I just felt like she posted it for me. This farm buying has really worn me down to where I was ready to give up. I am so glad Terry didn't let us.

September 7th Friday - Today is the day... We could barely sleep... Many years ago we were scheduled to be induced for the birth of our sweet Treg. Today we had the same feeling of excitement but the induction was at 3:00pm not 6:00am so we had all the day long to fidget and worry about the final outcome. Both Terry and I never remember this excitement for any other home we have bought. We are so excited to give our children this new experience. They will both love and hate it, we know, but they will have stories to tell for the rest of their lives! 3:00 finally came I was nearly crazy at that time but everything went well. Drew Armstrong was there to hold our hands and make sure everything went as planned. We still have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to do anything on it though because it hasn't funded... WE BOUGHT A FARM!
After we left the closing we were so excited that I rushed home and called on a pygmy goat and a Nigerian Dwarf wethers. I would rather have a nanny that can have kids but for now these will be good because we can leave them at the farm without us being there. Then when we move there and get a nanny of some kind then they will be good companions for those goats. This is what my kids wanted to give me for my birthday but they couldn't give them to me because we didn't have the farm yet. So look how cute they are! I still can't believe we have a farm!
September 8th Saturday - We started the with football game, 3 soccer games, football practice for Treg then off to a Fletcher family reunion in SLC. It is always fun to visit with Terrys family they are all such wonderful people. Kaye has got the whole family worried sick about our adventurous move to the farm. "Giving up such a nice house for so much work". Well we told them how we are most interested in building character in our children and teaching them what hard work is all about. This is such a fragile time in their lives we never want to regret our decisions, and we feel confident that this is right. I am so excited to hear the stories my children will be telling about their childhood and the crazy things they would do when I wasn't looking.
After the fun family reunion we drove straight to the farm to find my sweet little brother and his 3 little girls there with a dump trailer picking up trash and helping clean it up already. He is so excited for us, he sees the vision of what that place can become. He sees the diamond in the rough as my dad calls it. We sat there just planning what we will do and what we can do for the next few hours as the kids swung in the barn and played with the goats. As we were there a couple that was 4th in line to buy the farm came by to do what we were doing... Dreaming... their dream came to an end when we told them we just closed on it on the day before.
Sept 9th - Sunday we spent most of the day trying to cut the concrete out of the basement in our house to try and do the plumbing for the bathroom and laundry room so we can move downstairs and rent out the top floor. It was a big mess, I can honestly say I hate cutting concrete indoors. It was hard to keep it wet so it wouldn't cause to much dust and set off the alarms, but not too wet that we were standing in a puddle. Oh my goodness I was happy when that was done. I hope to never do that again! Then we went to the farm to rest and met mom and dad there so we could talk about our plans some more! Mom and Dad have been up in Washington with my 2 older brothers for the last 9 days. So it was super nice to have them back and to be able to talk about everything that has been going on. They are so excited for us to begin this new life. They do understand all the work that goes into raising a family and a farm. But they also understand how very few times in life you get to make a dream come true and get a chance to live your dream so they are so excited!