Wednesday, September 4, 2013

May 13-27 Yellowstone Vacation

May 19th - Today we spent the day at Lakeshore for their Cubra Rodeo. This is our 2nd official rodeo, our kids do the poles and barrels and we are just beginning so we were just focusing on getting a time without a disqualification. And that is exactly what we did. All of the kids finished without being disqualified even Treg on our stubborn Holly. Every time he takes her around the first pole or barrel she takes off running back out of the arena. So the nice people let us try a second try and they shut the gate and this time she did a lot better. I guess we are learning little by little.
May 22nd - What a busy day Matia had her state fair at school so we had to make sure all her presentations stuff was together. Then Treg had his trader buck day where you bring something to sell with money they have been earning for being good at school.

Treg decided he wanted to sell goldfish. So we went to Petsmart and they refused to sell us gold fish for a school project. So we went to Wal-Mart and they were super nice to sell us 30 fish.

 Treg did great at the trader buck day and made a killing on selling his fish. I am not sure the parents of the buyers were too happy about a surprise fish from school but Treg was.

 Bowdee also had his major art project due today. He drew a collage of John Stockton pictures. It turned out so stinking cool I can not believe the art talent this boy has.

So I guess it was just a day to finish up school stuff getting ready for summer. On top of it all we were packing to go on our vacation to Yellowstone tomorrow. I AM SO READY FOR SUMMER.
May 23rd - Awe, finally we all got in the truck and headed out for our Yellowstone vacation. Today we stopped by Idaho falls for a quick break, we love this break because we are all going a little stir crazy by then and need to stretch our legs. The view is beautiful and relaxing and exciting at the same time and the kids absolutely love guessing what they are going to see. Baby ducks that were just hatched were the favorite this year. We finally made it to West Yellowstone and checked in to our favorite Days Inn with the slide. May 24th - The boys all went swimming while mom and I went shopping. We ran across a store we have never seen before. They had the style of clothing and jewelry that my mom just absolutely LOVES so she was going CRAZy. She doesn't go crazy much so it was fun to see her light up that way. Of course we checked out of the hotel and then took dad back with his wallet and he spoiled my mom. So cute he just couldn't resist her and surprised her with a few extra things she didn't expect. Then we took a little detour and headed to Earthquake lake for a little bit of history. The visitor center was closed because they are remodeling it so that was kinda sad. My memories from going here as a child is so very different then what I saw it was kinda weird. I remembered it being so completely different. But it was still fun to take the kids there for the first time. So this was one of the most memorable Yellowstone vacations we had so many "Never seen that before" moments it was incredible.
Before we headed to our cabins at Mammoth. We took a quick detour to Lamar Valley and just after the bridge and at the picnic spot at the turn we saw this amazing sight. A mother fox with her 2 kits running and jumping and playing around as she stood still watching over them. It was a sight I have never seen in the wild and one we will never forget. We sat there with many other people just watching them play.
Whenever we pass petrified tree we always take a detour and drive up to see if there are any bears out. That is just what we did when we noticed some people watching something way off in the distance we asked them and it was a mom black bear with 2 cinnamon cubs. So we waited them out and when they woke up from their naps they sure gave us a great show. They were so cute the way the cubs interacted with each other!
We took one last drive to Lamar Valley and saw nothing much. But it was when we were driving back toward Roosevelt we came to a traffic jam right on the bridge there was a heard of Buffalo wanting to cross the road. Well the head buffalo decided to go right down the bridge pass all of us cars. They started at a walk then started running. It shook the bridge and the sound was thundering as they blew right past our car just a couple feet away! WOW! AMAZING!
May 26th - It is always a sad day when we have to say goodbye to all the friends we have made at Mammoth. My kids have always been so entertained by these sweet mischievous groundhogs. So as Terry cooked us a yummy breakfast I cleaned up and packed the truck. The kids took their photos with their friends and away we went.
This whole vacation I have been saying the one thing I wanted to see again was a baby elk with spots like we saw sooo many years ago. What a miracle it was that we were blessed enough to witness this sweet baby. She must have been born during the night, she was so wobbly and fragile. She was with her mamma just there by Yellowstone lake. When I see a sight like this it amazes me the sweet tenders that happen every single day!
Lunch at the lake was a great choice. We just sat on this log and talked about our trip as the kids found treasures along the shoreline. Of course grandpa had to challenge Bowdee in a race... I don't think my dad will ever grow up... I do love that about him. This was a sad day though because it always is sad as we travel to Jackson Hole because we know the trip is coming to an end.
It was cloudy most of the day but as we approached the Grand Tetons it was amazing but the clouds seemed to open us so we could have a beautiful view as we drove past. Terry does love to see his majestic mountains. Of course we all enjoy the view. Just wish this wonderful vacation doesn't have to end!
It was a tight sqeeze and a lot of driving. But these 4 kids are amazing! I mean look at those smiles. I do have the best kids in the world without a doubt. Matia is so sweet and giving. Treg is so smart and silly. Bowdee is so tender and thoughtful. I never want them to grow up. I love them just the way they are. Of course I said that when they were little to, so I am sure I will enjoy my grown children. But oh they are so much fun right now!!!
Then we woke up early on the 27th to go swimming and girls shopping again then checked out. When we went shopping we bought dad and grandpa cowboy hats for fathers day and birthdays but don't remind them about it. We are hoping they will forget about it by then. That is the end of our miraculous trip to Yellowstone. It was beautiful, peaceful, and eventful from the very beginning. Love you mom and dad thanks for joining us for another great year!