Monday, October 29, 2012

Oct 22nd - 28th Move into Basement Week

Oct 22nd Monday - I have a feeling this is going to be a long week of cleaning, walking up and down the stairs, more cleaning, organizing and boxing. Our house is starting to feel empty upstairs and every once in a while I glimpse at it and feel sad. Then that moment is gone. I don't have time to feel sad. I remember thinking we would never move out of this house that it was the house of our dreams.
But here today I clean, box, and move constantly from the time I get up till I fall on my bed at 11:30pm. Dad did a burn of all the weeds on the farm today so when we went down to unload the trailer again, we helped put the fire out, enjoy a beautiful sunset then head back to start working on the basement washer/dryer hook ups. Wow, what a day can I please call it a night and go to sleep?

Oct 23rd Tuesday - Before then after preschool I spent the whole day (until I took Treg to his football game) moving the kitchen from upstairs to downstairs. My mom came over and she mentioned aren't you so lucky that your moving so close. I thought that was funny but I went up and down those stairs so many times today I want to throw up. But by the end of the day it was complete, we ate our first dinner in the basement, the kids made us french dip sandwiches while we sheet rocked the closet and finished the dryer vent.

Oct 24th Wednesday - Today 2 of my wonderful friends Tara and Mindee came to eat lunch and clean part of my house. I have been stressing this much cleaning all at once. It was so much funner to clean with my friends then just myself! Thanks ladies I owe you a great big frozen yogurt when I have time to sit down and eat it. Then Treg had his last football game of the season! Which is a GREAT thing cuz it is getting colder and colder. Then back to the basement working on plumbing for the washer and dryer again.

Oct 25th Thursday - Today was the day to move the office to the basement. I know this is a major big job but I started right after preschool and then when Terry got home he tore down the computers and reassembled them downstairs. I am so glad to have that job done. It was a mess but it is sure nice when you complete something major like that you realize we are getting somewhere.
Oct 26th Friday - This morning another great friend/neighbor came and helped me clean some more. Kim is my visit teacher but as you may have figured out she is more than that, she is the salt of this earth kind of ladies. I sure hope she will come visit me at the farm because we really do have alot in common. Then after I couldn't move my arms anymore I went to take care of the farm and get some sushi for my hot date tonight with my honey! Man I love this guy he sure makes all this craziness so much better.
Oct 27th Saturday - We woke up early and started working on our bedroom since that and the laundry room is all we have to move. Then thank heavens Bowdee had his semi-championship football game against Lone Peak. So we went and watched them play. They lost the game so that ended up being the last of the year. Today my favorite part was when my dad and Kyle showed up to support Bowdee. I don't know why but Kyle and Bowdee seem to have some kind of personal connection that I adore.
Then after the game it was back to packing and moving and cleaning. We busted our butts to be done by 6:00 so we could turn over the keys so our friends could clean the carpets and get ready to start moving in on Monday. Pretty crazy how this all worked out, I am sure it was meant to be and will be GREAT! Then we had Troy, Kami, Kyle, and Emilee come over to watch the Utes. The Utes won but the best part was creating some good times with our family. I LOVE YOU PEOPLES!
Dad offered to take any of the grand kids to the farm for a sleepover and of course they all were thrilled to go. He is so cute with all of them trying to figure out what he can feed them to make them all happy and then what movie they could watch to help them unwind. They ended up waking up at 8:00 and hit the saddles in the arena. By the end of the morning Matia and Tayla had those horses looping around like pros. Thanks dad for being such an amazing grandpa. The kids all missed you grandma but I am sure you were having fun with your girlfriends.
Oct 28th Sunday - We took our final load to the farm this morning and then we released the kittens into the great Crazy Creek Rance. It was fun watching them run up and down the trees and pretend to sneak up on the chickens then running away. We also let the chickens out and they ran around rolling in the dirt and eating any spider they could find. The kids were scattered here and there playing different games.
After 6 hours of working in the house Terry was about to blow a fuse so we dropped everything asked my family to make sure my kids got home before 8:00 then headed for the mountains to go hiking/hunting. It always does Terry and I some good to clear our heads with that good crisp clean mountain air. Also just to be together and remember what we love about each other. I love watching Terry hunt with his cute little quirky style. Love you babe thanks!
After a little late night touch up painting we left our garage remotes on the counter locked the doors and said goodbye to the upstairs of our home. We are so greatful to have such wonderful people move in that it doesn't hurt as bad moving into the basement because we know they will take good care of the house we have cherished for the last 9 years. Goodbye upstairs and hello basement. Please take note my phone doesn't always work downstairs so keep trying or send an email.