Sunday, June 5, 2011

May 31- June 4th - 15 Year Anniversary

"You Make My Heart Skip!"
May 31st, 15 years ago today I married my best friend. Through the last 15 years we have built 2 houses, earned Terry's Bachelors Degree, had 3 beautiful children, suffered a painful miscarriage, started a successful preschool, endured 4 different lay offs, and even though the last 15 years has been alot harder then I could have ever imagined it could be it has been more rewarding then any other time in my life.

"I have"
I am so thankful to have Terry in my life and to know that he has my back and he loves me through all my weaknesses! Terry I am so thankful that we enjoy the same things in life. That we don't just love each other that we "Get" each other. You understand me better then anybody else. And I have a pretty good understanding of you and who you are. And because we believe in and enjoy the same things we make a great couple. Thanks again babe for everything you are to me. Happy Anniversary! I also believe I have loved you forever and I am so glad we found each other just in time.

Once again Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Friday all blurred together with baseball games every night. We did find out that all 3 kids will be doing swim team again this summer. And I spent my days preparing for my summer days to be filled with adventures with my children. I love summertime. I love these precious long days with my kiddos.

So Friday was the last day of school. Every night I ask the kids their bestest and worstest and all of the kids said the same thing. Their bestest was it being the last day of school. But their worstest was it being the last day of school. I am so glad I have kids that love school as much as they hate it. After school we celebrated with friends, freetime to do anything they wanted, and of course snow cones!

Saturday, my really good friend Amy insisted on taking the kids for the weekend so Terry and I could go celebrate our anniversary. So where else can you go that will give you free rooms, $60.00 free gambling money, and a perfect 1&1/2 hour drive not too expensive in gas but long enough to enjoy our long getting to know you better talks. No where that we have found offers this but Wendover. So yes we left for the night to go dancing, penny slotting, and relaxing in the company of just each other. Thanks Amy, your the BOMB!

May 22-28th Yellowstone FINALLY!

May 22nd is a special day in my life. This is my mom's birthday. My mom is an amazing person. She has so much strength and courage. We share alot of the same loves in life. She never judges anyone for the things they do. I love the comfort I feel just by being near her. I feel like I can tell her anything and she will somehow understand. I love you mom! I sure missed you when you were in Hawaii.
Then Monday, Tues, and Wed where such a blur. Filled with all 3 kids baseball games, practices, scouts, dance, activity days, and packing for Yellowstone. To me baseball isn't as fun to watch as soccer is. But I still love watching my kids do their best and learn the sport.

Thursday we finished packing and headed out right directly into the storm. We almost didn't go because of the weather but I am so glad we did. We left Dash with Troy and his girls and squished all 7 of us into our Sierra. This is the trip we like to do yearly but missed it the last 2 years. So we spent the first night in West Yellowstone at the Days Inn.
The pool was so full of teenagers we skipped swimming that night and figured we would hit it early in the morning. We did eat at Gushers Pizza and then sat around listening to Grandma's Hawaii experiences as the snow gently covered the ground through the night.
Friday the kids (Dad, Terry, Bowd, Tia, and Treg) all went swimming while mom and I went to check out the roads in Yellowstone and Movie times. We found out they closed Yellowstone until about 12:00 because of all the ice. So we checked out of the hotel and went to enjoy the IMax movie of Yellowstone.
After we picked out rocks and souvenirs and headed to Mammoth. We spotted 2 bears and some amazing wildlife sites. Of course it was snowing on and off all day. So we just enjoyed the amazing sites Yellowstone has to offer from the comfort of our truck.
Saturday we went to go into Lamar Valley to check out the wolves and Grizzly w/ Cubs feeding on a carcass when the road was closed due to a rock slide. DANG! So we about faced and headed back to Mammoth. The boys went to the museum watching movies and browsing trying to kill time for the road to open (which it never did). While the girls went shopping.
Then when we decided it wasn't going to open we went for a drive down to Hayden Valley. We saw more Grizzlies up close and by the road. They were amazing and so fun to watch. I was also thrilled to find a Grizzly bear since this was the one thing Treg really wanted to see on this trip.
Sunday we took our time driving through the park down to Jackson. We also stopped at the mud pots and geysers for Bowdee. The Grand Canyon waterfall was hidden by a thick layer of cold frost in the air. When we stopped at West Thumb we saw an amazing Coyote in the parking lot.
Since we didn't see Bowdee's Wolf we were excited to see one of his cousins. Tia was still on the lookout for her moose and we were all relieved when we found a lone moose at Grant Village. Then we saw another moose along the Snake just outside of the Grand Tetons.
We made it to Jackson in time to do a little shopping for Bowdee and Tregs last souvenir and then to Bubba's for dinner. After dinner which took a little longer then we liked we hit the pool. It was nice and warm in the pool but oh how the rain was cold outside. This was the first year since we started this tradition that my mom felt well enough to get in and play with us. I can't tell you how valuable this memory is to me. I loved every minute of it.
Monday morning I took the kids to play in the game room while Terry cooked us an awesome tailgate breakfast of english egg and sausage mcmuffins. Then we cleaned up and headed home. Nobody was excited to have our exciting vacation over but we will cherish our memories created forever! Thank you mom and dad for the wonderful experiences you shared with us. It was an amazing vacation even if it snowed everyday and never got over 45 degrees!

May 15-21 Goodbye to Soccer Season

This week was a busy one which we always love. That is when the memories are created and relationships are strengthened. So Thursday a bunch of us friends went and did Karaokee. It was so much fun to just dance our hearts out and sing off tune and nobody cares. I love it.

Friday I went on a walking fieldtrip with Treg and his first grade class. We walked downtown and followed maps around town. Which it started out as the perfect fieldtrip. Nice and cool no rain and not to hot. However, as we headed back the rain really began to come down. We threw on garbage bags over all the kids and did our best to keep them dry. I loved it.

Saturday was our last soccer game. It will be sad to see it go. I love seeing how good he kids get by the end of the season. I just love going to their games and cheering on all the kids. So it was a bit of a sad moment. But I have learned that the fall season will be here before we know it.

Saturday night me, Kami, Emilee, and Tonja headed out to Wendover we have a fun band that we just love to dance to. Emilee really wanted to go so we headed West and went dancing. It's just fun to get all dressed up with the girls and have some fun.