Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October ALREADY?

October 1st Monday - Today I went right down to the farm because I found out my dad had rented a bobcat to mulch all the rag weed. So I went and walked the property picking up any trash I could find and getting it out of the way. We filled up another dump truck and 3 hours later all the rag weed was mulched down to nothing :) I just can't tell you how much I LOVE working right along side my dad.

Then my moms friend came down to visit her name is Lovie and she is Matia's little pen pal. She has been such a good friend to my mom for so many years that we love her as if she were family. She came to see Matia's new Bunny, our kittens, goats and the ranch. Because it is a ranch we are raising animals not fields she informed me. We love our Lovie and were so happy she could visit.

On our hunting trip we realized we need to replace our water pump in the truck it has been leaking for a while now so Terry decided it was time. He came home from working 8 hours and went right to work. He worked on it until 10:00 and finally called it a night. He will have to take a day off to do a job this big. I just can't tell you how much I love this man. This man who knows how to get any job done and remembers to take time to play. Love you Terry! Thanks for everything you do.
October 2nd Tuesday - Terry took the day off to change the water pump. It was a harry job and it took from 8:00am right until 9:00pm but he did it and he is truly amazing to me. Thanks babe. I spent the day teaching preschool, packing, running errands, Treg had a football game then parent teacher conferences for Matia and Treg. It was funny because when I walked in each of their classes the stopped to tell me how much they LOVE my child and how they are such good children and to please stay in this school the rest of the year. Yes, they are such great kids I would have to agree with them. Right after I with my mom to Aunt Dixies for a Baby show for Jakes wife Ellyse. Wow I have some REALLY great cousins and family. Just wondering if life ever slows down?
October 3rd Wednesday - First thing after getting the kids to school which on some days lets me honest feels like a full days job just getting them to shower, dress, eat, feed the pets, practice piano, make lunches, read and out the door in time to ride bikes to school. I went to the ranch to power wash more stalls before winter sets in. After 4 hours of power washing the stall barn looked like a lake and I look like I had fallen in except with manure all over me. The wind came in and I was cold and my arms felt like they were going to fall off. So I called it quits came home took a LONG hot shower and finished just in time to go pick up Bowdee from school. I tell you what I am NOT looking forward to when we have to tear down this old barn though!
October 4th Thursday - Oh I just love my job today we went on a field trip to see the fire station and talk to the fire men. Wow, what wonderful people to be able to entertain 20 children and feed us so full of information. I am so sad I will not be able to teach next year. I sure enjoy these little ones. After my fun field trip and school let out we had piano, football, dance, and scouts pack meeting. Terry worked on winterizing the boat and moving it down to the farm. I guess this is really going to happen!
October 5th Friday - Today was magical. I went down to the farm knowing my dad would be there and sure enough he was in the trailer just waiting for me. I noticed the horse trailer there and wondered where the horses were so I went into the stall barn and all 4 of my dads horses were in their own stalls. Ya the stalls I just cleaned out for them. But it was magical to see them all in there munching on some fresh hay. Then we let them out into the corral and wow what a sight to see them running around kicking up their heels happy as can be. Then I let Buck off the rope and he mingled right in with those horses. What a happy day for me! I loved it!
October 6th Saturday - Today Bowdee had a football game in the morning. It was their 2nd loss of the season. Which put them in the 3rd place going into the play offs. Then Terry and I winterized the boat and packed it with stuff in the barn. Then we drove it down to the farm and got her all dusty and parked her in the hay barn. It is so hard to do that when we have worked so hard to keep her nice and clean. After that sad moment we took Matia to her soccer game. She played so tough, I love watching her play!
October 7th Sunday - I know what I should have been doing... I should have been listening to conference with my kids like my parents did as I grew up... But I just couldn't when we have so much that needs to be done. So we spent the day packing and moving and cleaning out the boat barn so that our renters (aka friends) will have somewhere nice to park their boat.
It was a big chore and lots of work. Here is a before and after photo so you can see just how much we did today. Thanks to the kids it really wasn't as bad as it looks. They are such tough little workers who really know how to dig in and get a job done when there is McDonald Monopoly to play after. :) I will sure miss this barn it has been so good to us and all our fun toys!
We took one load down to the farm and then Matia and I took a little break. We called up Grandpa and he took us for a trail ride on the horses. Matia asked for this for her birthday that is all she wanted was to ride the horses on a trail with grandpa and me. So today we finally did it. Matia rode Jake, I rode Robby, Dad rode Trigger with Misty in tow. It was just a short little ride up hog hollow area on the foot hills but it was just enough to give Matia a taste for it! My perfect ride with my dad and Matia what a great moment to be treasured!

Sept 24-31st - Life goes on!

Sept 24th Monday - So today was quite the day I spent most of the day packing and cleaning then I started to make the family fried chicken for dinner o ut of that wonderful cook book Kami got me. Which was absolutely delicious, everyone went on and on about how yummy it was. While I was cooking I was telling Kami how we had a friend coming to look at the house to see if they wanted to rent it. Well Bowdee and the kids heard me and while I was cooking they chipped right in without me asking. You know that made me so happy that I didn't even have to ask them to help so I could finish cooking dinner.

Sept 25th Tuesday - Even though I feel like I have a million things going on out of the ordinary... Life still goes on. Treg still has scouts and football, Matia still has soccer and dance, Bowdee still has football and scouts when we can make it with homework on top of all of that and cleaning the house it can all get a little overwhelming so I just have to remind myself this is just our life right now. I will do what I can when I can and forget the rest.

Sept 26th Wednesday - Bowdee's Mussleloader hunt started today so Bowdee, Terry and I left at 6:00 to Hickman canyon to see if we could have any luck on his hunt. We got there and started hiking up the canyon after about 45 min of hiking we came to a spot where Terry saw a couple deer off in the distance. Turns out there was 3 buck and 5 doe so we sat still and watched them put on a show for us for the next hour. There were hitting heads and playing around. But never came our direction so before they went over the ridge Bowdee took his first shot with a black powder gun. It was a 175 yard shot and he missed. The boys went to work reloading as fast as possible and he had one more shot at 220 yards. He missed and it was gone.

We hiked around a little more then went back to the truck for lunch and to practice shooting. Then we drove up and down the canyon then up to where I shot my buck last year and went for a little hike and took a nap in the nice warm sun. After our nap we headed back down the canyon then we decided to go to Box Elder got 1/2 way there then decided to just finish in Hickman so we headed back up Hickman with only 20 min left of daylight. I was following far behind so the dust wouldn't get in my eyes.
I come around a bend and Bowdee's helmet, gloves, backpack everything sprawled in the middle of the road with the boys working like crazy to load the gun with a quickness I rarely see out of Terry. With his eyes quickly pointing to let me know there was a HUGE 4 point 100 yards away on the top of the ridge. Bowdee got a shot off then another quick reload and shot at his friend a smaller 4 point missing both. I think Terry gave him his dose of buck fever along with his own was just to much for Bowdee. But we hiked around some more waiting for it but never saw it again.

Sept 27th Thursday - Today was Tregs 2nd football game. Grandma got to take him to his game yesterday while we were hunting so I was excited to see how he played today. He did great played his position like a real pro but never got a throw to him. Maybe next game it is just too bad the coach can't play it a little more fair when they are so little. But he did play great defense. Then Terry and I went to the basement and worked on the electrical in our basement bedroom for a while. Man we still have so much work to do. I wonder if it will ever end.

Sept 28th Friday - Right after I sent the kids to school I went to work on the farm with my dad and mom. We edged all the way around the property line then along each fence thinking we had a tractor coming in Saturday morning to chop down all the rag weed so we could get my dads horses down there. Then as he took a nap I started cleaning out 2 more stalls. Oh man that is some nasty work but weird as it is I didn't mind at all. Then I came home and Terry and I did some more work in the basement.

Sept 29th Saturday - Bowdee and Tia had games at 9&10 so after the games we packed as quick as we could then we headed up to Hickman canyon we got an awesome camp spot. Parked the trailer and got all situated and then we had Bowdee shoot 3 shots at a target to see how he was doing. He hit all 3 pretty good so we headed out for the night hunt. We didn't see any buck, alot of doe but no buck. Treg and Tia loved looking for deer and taking turns driving me around.

That night after we came back from the hunt and ate soup for dinner Grandma and Grandpa show up for a little campfire action. It was nice to see them and to visit for a little. Bowdee told them his hunting adventure from Wednesday. It was fun to see how he told the story. Then we just sat around the fire and enjoyed it until there was a big bang like a gun shot... Scared us all to death... There was bunch of  .22shells laying around in the dirt. So we all were on edge after that one, some people are so STUPID!

Sept 30th Sunday - Matia woke us all up at 6:00 wanting to go hiking looking for deer. I reminded her it had to be light outside to see the deer but she was so excited we got up and ready and headed out for another day of hunting. We went to the spot where Bowdee shot at his first deer but we only saw a few doe in the fields. We hiked way in then sat and had a few quite snacks. Then headed back to the 4 wheelers.

Then we drove up and down the canyon with only seeing a few more doe. We hiked up where I got my deer again but way back in and tried to take a nap but the flys were just buggin the kids so after a little sit down we headed back down with nothing to be seen. We didn't see much so we headed  back to camp for lunch and a little beebee gun action and naps for the old people.

Around 5:00 we headed back out for the night hunt we saw alot of doe, talked to alot of nice people then as we were almost back to camp Terry spotted a buck about 450 yards away way up on the hill side in the yellow grass. So Bowdee took a shot just for fun just to try he didn't get it but we did see a buck finally! Then we cleaned up camp and headed home. All in all it was a fun weekend that was nice and relaxing (just what we needed).