Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finally over the Strawberry Slot by Terry

Terry often writes on the fishing forums about our fishing events. I thought this would be fun to have in our journal so you can see the things he notices... It only took him 1 hour to write this entry. Yes his user name is The Green Hornet. He is kinda cute I have to admit he catches my attention!

Finally over the slot at Strawberry. 4/15/2012
by TheGreenHornet » Apr 15, '12, 9:09

I finally caught a cut over the slot this afternoon and I was super excited. I told my wife that catching this fish is why I'm ok with the drive to Strawberry and getting skunked quit often just to have a chance at fish like this. Then, I might have said something that equated catching this fish with harvesting a deer during the hunts and she might have said that maybe its because the deer I get are about the same size as my fish. Ouch. I might have cried a bit.

Anyway, last weekend we fished Soldier Creek Dam and didn't even get a bite. Today, Sunday the 15th of April, we fished Strawberry's Portal bay. We fished from 11:30 to 3:30. The weather was a little cold with a little on and off snow flurries. The ice was about 100 yards off shore in that area and we the ice sheet in front of us shrunk about half its size while we were there. The ice still touched the shoreline in a lot of areas but there was plenty of spots of open water around the shores also. We had three in our fishing party and only landed 8 fish. We had about 8 additional bites that we were unsuccessful in landing. Fishing around us was about the same. Most of our success was achieved with peach colored salmon scented power bait and our biggest cutthroat being caught on a minow with a white jig. We were able to take three fish home with us so we invited the inlaws over for a fresh trout dinner cooked over the grill.

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 1-15 Spring Break

Sunday the 1st Terry and I woke up and set some April Fools tricks out. But the best one that I did was when I made the kids some perfectly good waffles with some special Pinterest Carmel Syrup with a little evil in my eye... Nobody dared to try them, they almost ended in the trash because of all the tricks the morning had shared with them already.

Terry got some special cigarettes that really smoke and have tinfoil ends that light up to trick the kids. He lite-up right in the kitchen and immediately all the kids said "that's not real you would never smoke dad..." So his trick didn't really work that well. Which I must say I am glad they knew him well enough.

Treg covered the toilet in toilet paper then put on some fake tp on the dispenser. That got Tia really good! Then he hid some bugs around the house that silly little trickster. He even taped some hidden string across our doorway so we felt like we just walked through a spiderweb.

What a fun day to do tricks on each other. Then the kids spent the day playing legos together and listening to General Conference. I was in the kitchen cutting up my kids favorite childhood clothes to make into blankets someday. This was a project I have been wanting to do for years. And Terry was in the garage fixing the kids four wheeler so we can sell it since they are just getting to big for it. Love General Conference and all the great messages to be remembered.

Then we had the traditional April Fools Dinner. The kids look forward to this dinner all year long so when I pulled out the bowls for them to pick their 3 dinner choices they all got delighted except Terry... He just wanted his food and he didn't want to choose for which 3 he got... He wanted it all. Bowdee wasn't too excited for his spinach, cookies and carrots. I told him he could have as much spinach and carrots as he wanted and that still didn't help much.

Tuesday the 3rd I got to go play Bunco at my sister-in-laws house. Tara is such a cutie when she asked me I just knew I had to go because she never asks me anything and she is so sweet how could anyone say no... That was the excuse I fed Terry when deep down inside I was so excited to go. I told her she could just claim "her brother married this crazy lady not her". So I went and had a great time I guess I was having too much fun because one of the ladies there actually asked me if I was drunk... Oops I guess I should have just laid off on the fun and no I was not drunk just drunk on fun. I told her that is how some mothers just act when they finally get away from life.

Wed the 4th Bowdee and Iz went snowboarding for their last time of the season to Sundance with the little amount of snow that fell this year they decided to close on the 8th which is pretty early. So I drove them to Macy's and let them go have their day of fun. What a fun thing for 2 cousins to experience together. Of course they had to hustle home for soccer practice, then straight to baseball practice but no complaints was our deal if they got to go snowboarding all day. After all he did get to chill and watch a good Jazz game which is another favorite activity of his.

Finally the weekend got here and Terry took me on a real date. We went to a Wings place in Saratoga Springs to play some pool with his friend Rusty. I had such a good time just being with Terry and out in a casual environment it was kinda like we were dating again. Not to mention Rusty is such a fun guy to be around always up for a good time.

Saturday was filled with Soccer games which were some rough games with it being Easter weekend we didn't have many substitutes so the kids that were there were playing their guts out. Bowdee was most excited about his game winning goal scored in the last minute of the game. After our games we came home and colored eggs and made some cotton candy and did some chores in the garage. Busy but fun and productive!

Easter morning was great the bunny came and filled our yard with hidden eggs. Its always the same Blue and Green Eggs are for Treg, Yellow and Orange eggs are for Bowdee, Pink and Purple for Tia. They find their eggs then come inside to find their baskets. I made the kids cinnamon rolls for breakfast with a smoothie and a fun Peeps sunflower cake (thanks to Pinterest) for desert.

After we were all finished with Easter surprises Terry and I decided it was a perfect day to go for a drive. So we loaded up the kids and headed to Strawberry to check out the amazing ice off fishing... Well it turned out to be not so amazing at the spot we were at or the fish just didn't like what we had to offer. So after a few hours we packed her up came home got in our "to stays (a.k.a. pj's) and watched the Jazz :)

OOOHHHH I just can't tell you how much I just love Spring Break. Yes it is always hard to go back to school and finish up a year after having so much fun but it's worth it. Terry didn't have the time to take off work so we just stayed close and took it easy, but we still made a point to have some fun... This is what our week looked like. Monday we woke up and the kids went horseback riding at Grandpa's house...

While I took Annie out for her 12 year old photo shoot. This girl is so amazing she is very photogenic and one of the easiest girls to take photos of. She is creative and adventurous and just made the morning fun to capture some great photos for her. She did a formal wear, soccer action shots, and then hunger games themed setting. I can't decide my favorites so I guess that is where her mom comes into play.

Tuesday we hiked with Battle Creek Falls with our good Callaway friends. It was a nice fun hike to start the year off. Just a little over a mile not to steep but not a walk either. Got to the falls had a little lunch then we turned around and headed back to a little pond where the kids all had the most fun skipping rocks! I love going with the Callaways because everyone has a friend and we all get along so well! That night Terry and I still had enough energy to trim our trees and work on sprinklers.

Wednesday we went swimming with our Garrick Friends then played afterward until Bowdee had baseball practice. But by night time we were just beat so we all climbed into bed and watched the Pirates of Caribbean 4 and the Jazz game. What a fun relaxing night. I remember doing this with my family growing up and I still cherish those moments.

Thursday we spent the day at Trafalga then a movie with the Adamson boys. Easton and Dawson are such good boys they are fun to have around so after begging their mom who had been up since 3 we went and spent the day having fun. The most funny thing we did was went to Maceys and most the kids ordered small or med. Bowdee ordered a large called a "Kong" and boy oh boy was it large we are talking like 11" tall! So big we had to cup that thing before it fell over.

Friday morning I took my 3 kids boarding up to Brighton all by myself. I couldn't believe they were big enough to take this on. It was perfect to start out blue skies, smiling faces, good discounts (only $63 for all 4 of us), perfect powder (not too much not to little). We were all loving it. We went several times and enjoyed everything. Matia even got off the lift without falling. Then we went for lunch in the car....

Then while we were in the car Treg begged and begged us to take him on the little kid boarding park. Bowdee warned us it was not a good idea because it was so slow today because of the powder... But Treg wouldn't let up and I wanted him to understand what Bowdee was talking about. So we headed out into the great disaster of the day. We made it to the park without much walking but it was to slow to hit the rails.

Then we headed away from the park to the bottom and I ended up hiking for the next 1&1/2 hours pulling Tia and Treg out of the powder and pushing them up hills and sweating my guts out... It was not a pretty sight... I tried to keep my cool and I think I did really well... By the time we got to the bottom all of our legs were mush and Treg caught his front edge and slammed his face into the snow. With him bawling and crying, the storm front hit us like a brick wall the wind kicked up and snow was falling like crazy. I sent Bowdee up for one last run and even he said it was too bad to go again and we were calling it a day.

Way back in the day when Kami and I would spend alot of time boarding we had this crazy tradition... After snowboarding we would always go to Training Table for cheese fries and a DP. So we meet Terry for dinner and enjoyed some yummy not so good for us food. But it tasted good and there were no complaints. We were all so hungry and beat it was PERFECT!
This year the weather for spring break was very springy. It was very unpredictable cold, snowy, and just not fun. So we stayed home over the weekend and cleaned the barn, garage, stained the countertops and watched the Jazz play a few games on the good ole TV. But Sunday we just couldn't take it any longer. So Bowdee, Terry and I went on a little date up to Strawberry to do a little fishing. Bowdee is reading the Storm Testament series and he was just as excited to read his book as catch a fish.
He did catch 2 nice ones then mom caught 5 more on top of that one. Then I was giving Terry some crap about sitting in the car and watching his pole or reading his book as I was out getting snowed on catching all the fish. When at the very last minute the finally caught a cutthroat over the 22" slot it weighed 3 lbs and was a monster.
So with Terrys one really nice fish and Bowdee's and all of mine we decided to have mom and dad over for dinner that night and a little Jazz game time watchin. I will never tire of watching the Jazz with my mom. She is just like her mom she gets very into it and has so much passion for this young team. I LOVE IT!