Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 6-12th Preschool Graduation/Retirement and Mother's Day

May 6th Monday - Today was a busy day I am trying to get the yard work done for the preschool graduation which I went to the house and noticed there where a million dandelions in my yard. So I spent about 2 hours digging them up and picking them up. It ended up being 2 FULL BIG bags of dandelions it was crazy! Then I came home to clean the house and do dinner when Terry called to tell me Cowan Trucking was delivering our sand for the arena today. So I had to check a few things on that and make sure it was the right sand. Then we loaded 6 horses up and went to the Equestrian park for a fun day of riding. Kaylee talked the kids into trying jumping. She suggested it and set up the jump when all the kids freaked out. But Treg just turned his horse around did what Kaylee told him to do and he was the first one to try it. I was so proud of him! After that all the kids ended up trying it and they had a lot of fun. Grandpa offered 10$ for anyone that tried the big jump and Bowdee took him up on that offer after lots of practice on the small one. What a fun day, these kids are really getting good!
May 7th Tuesday - Today was a sad, sad day. After preschool I stayed at the house trying to get the basement ready to paint. I thought I had it ready but I missed a few things. When I came home Kenny was here to show Goliath to someone. And of course the first person that came to look at him bought him for $500. I will surely miss that big boy even though he had a lot of head issues he was a sweet horse. He is going to a ranch that does therapy for less fortunate kids so he will be happy there and be used ALOT which is what he needs. Then Terry and I went to the house and I started cleaning out the preschool and I cried ALOT. I will sure miss those kids even though I have days that are hard every day is a good one at preschool. So we came home put on a movie took a warm bath and fell asleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!
May 8th Wednesday - So I spent another day prepping the basement for paint hoping Terry and I could get that done tonight. So after horse riding, scouts, soccer and dinner were over Terry and I left the kids to their homework while we snuck out to paint the basement. I didn't have enough paint so I had to run for more but other then that it went well and it feels so good to be finished with that part even if we did come home covered in paint over spray.
May 9th Thursday - Preschool Graduation! Today was a bitter sweet day. I have loved teaching preschool and thought I would do it for many years to come. However, today was my last day teaching preschool. I sure had fun all these years getting to know all the children I have taught and their fabulous parents. I will certainly miss my job but now I am officially a ranch manager.
Which I am sure is going to bring its own set of trials along with rewards. I have always dreamt of being a teacher or cowgirl. I guess I have done the teaching and now its on to the cowgirl dream. So I came home and took my shoes off put the sprinklers on, got Holly out to mow the lawn and threw the ball for the dogs. Yep I took the rest of the day off... Until the kids got home anyway.
May 10th Friday - Even though I maybe retired from preschool that doesn't mean there is nothing for me to do. So I got up and after I got the kids to school I spent the day at the preschool cleaning, packing, and sorting. I am getting ready for a brand new change in life. I will certainly miss this life I have loved the preschool and my house but I completely welcome the change and I am excited to get started with settling in the ranch life. Treg had his first baseball practice tonight, which he was so excited for then we went to watch Bowdee play baseball again and loved it. I don't know why but he sure loves playing catcher
May 11th Saturday - Today was Treg's last soccer game! It was sad to see it end because I love watching that boy play soccer. But it has been an extra stress on our shoulders that will be nice to have relief from. After his game we had practices and the other 2 soccer games to attend. Then after it was all over we went back to the preschool house to do some yard work and basement cleanup. Then we came back to the house and dropped me off with the Prestwich's while Terry took the kids mothers day shopping. I had fun hanging out with them, we even got all of them to trot on Holly! When the family came home we opened early presents. The kids made me a darling shutterfly book all about me. Then I got a new phone, waffle maker, outdoor thermometer, recipe holder, and phone charger. What a thoughtful family I have, I love all my gifts thank you so much!
May 12th Sunday - Mother's Day! I love Mother's Day, we love having one special day out of the year that we can show our mother's how much we love them. This year I got to sleep in and then Terry and the kids made me waffles from my new waffle maker. I also got a new phone just like Terry's so I can take better photos with it. I always have a hard time with new phones but it will be worth it for the camera. We cleaned up and went to Sheel's, I have never been there so that was a nice treat it was AMAZING! I loved the Ferris wheel, it made me feel like a teenager again.
Then we headed out to Grantsville to visit the Townsends and enjoyed a nice BBQ dinner with them and the Reyes's. We talked about people around town and what our families are up to. Around 7:30 we headed back home to feed the animals and left the kids there to do chores while we went to visit my parents. I just can't tell you how thankful I am for my mother's Terry's and mine... They are both so full of love and appreciation. I really feel lucky to have them in our lives.