Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nov 5-11 Matia's 1st Dance this year

Nov 5th - Have you ever had a day where you just wanted it to end? Well I don't know why but today was one of those days. It seemed like everything I tried to do just couldn't go right. My kids and my husband can always sense when I am having one of those days and they seem to do everything in their power to make it better for me. But after our salmon dinner I vegged out to the Eagles football game and Terry finished the tile. Can you believe it all the tile in this house is completely laid not grouted yet but laid! I guess I just got to have a little more faith, less expectations of myself,
Nov 6th - Today we voted! What a privilege it is to have the ability to go and vote on who we think should have the voice of this country, state and county. I have never been a politician or even politically interested. That is just who I am, but I do value the power of voting and I do my best to vote for the politician I feel like has the best interest of this country in mind. The one that I feel will make this world a better place for our children. I also loved the fact that my kids were dying to go vote with us and there was NO line!
Nov 7th - Today first thing after getting the kids to school I went down to the farm. I ended up staying there almost all day helping my dad with sawdust, boarding up hay barn, help mom with Christmas gifts, merit badge requirements for friends, finding Bobby the cat a new home at the farm, vaccinating Bowdee's goats, blowing leaves of the roofs and cleaning gutters, painting rust on barn, winterizing the well and pipes. It was a good day, busy, happy and good!
Nov 8th - The day to catch up all the laundry. So Terry got the washer and dryer finished enough that we get to start doing laundry again. And since we boxed up 3/4 of our clothes we were getting down there to almost nothing. I can't tell you how THANKFUL I am to have a working washer and dryer in my own home! Just looking at this photo makes me SMILE! Never thought I would say I was so excited to do laundry! I guess I should also be thankful for sweet Terry who works so hard to make all this possible!
Tonight was Bowdee's end of season football party. It is sad to see it over again but I am sure he will be back at it in 9 short months. It feels so nice to not have any sports except dance right now. We need the break especially when we are doing so much everywhere else. Bowdee along with 5 other boys was awarded the Ironman Award for never missing a practice or game. Way to be consistent, and dependable!
Nov 10th Saturday - Today was great it was Matia's first dance performance with the Dance Academy in Lehi. It is a beginners competitive team and I was so nervous to do her hair and makeup. She was nervous to dance because she had only practiced 2 months. So together we were a bundle of nerves. Off to the South Expo Christmas Gift Show and WOW Matia did amazing. Her teachers all rave about how fun and expressive she is to watch.
After her dance and after we stopped by to buy a raccoon trap and get a snack from dads work we headed to the farm to try and get some framing done on Bowdee's room. We got a wall up and the other wall built but we ran out of the right size of 2x4s so we called it a night and went home to watch a Utes game with Troy and Kyle. It was fun to have them over but I always worry we are too loud now that we have REALLY close neighbors. It was a good day, just wish we could get more done.
Nov 11th - Such a sad day when we got to the farm Bowdee went to feed the goats, Matia headed to check on Bobby Fluffkins McKoy the 3rd (Bowdee's kitten) and Treg fed and checked on the chickens. When Bowdee came back in tears to announce his sweet pregnant nanny goat "Little Lady" was dead. My heart just came crashing down because I remember as a child having pets die and it breaks your heart. We don't know what happened and "Buddy" was crying so we put him in a stall for the night. And Bowdee kept Little Ladys Horns. SO SAD! Bowdee your such a tough kid with such a sweet heart, I am so sorry!
With all the sadness we finished framing his room and started venting on the kitchen. Then we went to visit my sweet Aunt Dixie and Uncle Jim. It was so good to sit and talk with them. When I talk to Dixie somehow I remember my grandparents and remember happy thoughts. Then we came home and Terry finished texturing the bathroom, fixed and then hooked up the dishwasher... Have I mentioned how much I love my Terry, every woman should have a Terry!