Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aug 29- Sept 5th Skyline Elk Hunt

This week we added Treg's Flag Football practice to our schedule and his crazy coach wants to practice twice a week (crazy coach = his crazy dad). So that has just added to the fun, Bowdee is co-coaching Tregs team the Extreme Cobras. We have a fun bunch of boys it will be interesting to see how the games go.

Then this weekend we decided to go to Skyline up Spanish Fork Canyon for the first weekend of the elk hunt. It was crazy up there I didn't think we had a chance to get a good spot because we left late after Bowdee's football game. But we learned if you just keep driving and if you drive far enough you will find a spot that is nice and pretty remote.

Terry went hunting Sunday morning and saw an elk but he was alone and it was gone before he could get off the 4-wheeler. But then he found us a really good camp spot so he came back to camp we ate then packed up camp and moved to a new spot. Which we would have never done if we were tenting it.

We spent the rest of the day hunting w/ bb guns and bows and arrows and just playing around did the night hunt and our dutch oven got smoothered so we had to wait a little longer to eat.

Monday morning Terry took Bowdee hunting with him and he LOVED every minute of it. They talked to a guy that has pictures of bear at his game camera right in this area and a cougar. Then they had a buck and an elk call back to them. Then after they got back we packed up and headed home. We really didn't want to get stuck in traffic and sometimes it is nice to get stuff cleaned up before the new week.