Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why is it that when we have a weekend and we don't do anything adventurous we feel exhausted and weak? When the adventurous stuff we do should be exhausting, but it just makes us feel alive and rejuvenated. This weekend we had a few items of business we had to take care of which kept us from going boarding, or ice fishing or even sledding. So by the end of the weekend Terry and I were both going crazy because we didn't do anything to get our wiggles out.... I guess we both have a case of ADHD because we are always looking for a thrill and to keep us home on a weekend could kill us. Saturday we had Basketball games for Tia and Bowdee. Which was great don't get us wrong. But there was no sun involved or activity for us.

Then Sunday we went out to visit Terry's parents and wish them happy birthday. This was so nice to have dinner with them and just talk to them. We do love that, after we visited Terry's good friend from Grantsville and his family. Which we need to do more often. Then he took us over to his friends house that needed to get rid of some chickens. They were getting 2 dozen eggs a day and just couldn't go through that many. So we took home 4 new chickens to up our coop to 6. The kids were all thrilled to have 2 chickens each. Our chickens just started laying eggs this last week and they have LOVED going to check for eggs!

Then Monday Bowdee had a birthday party which he just had to go to. So we let the kids play with their friends while Terry and I got sad we didn't go out adventuring the whole weekend. It is crazy that we are both this way and I don't think it is a good thing. We definitely need to learn to stay home sometimes and just get stuff done around the house when we must. But we just have so much fun when we go play it is hard. Discipline is what we need to enforce upon ourselves.