Monday, July 2, 2012

June 22-July 1st California Beach House Vacation

July 22nd Terry got off work a little early and we headed down to Mesquite as excited as can be. We got there and it was super hot so we immediately headed down to the pool and swam for the next 2 hours. We all had fun. The kids loved having chicken fights and doing the things that are not safe enough to do around lifeguards. It was a long drive but the kids are such a great age it made it super easy to just relax and enjoy the drive.
June 23rd we drove and drove and drove and finally ended up at our destination. A beach house just one house away from the Newport beach on Balboa Drive. We couldn't believe it this is the house we were going to stay in for 7 full days and nights. We quickly unloaded our vehicles, went grocery shopping and we were ready for a week of pure fun. We planned to go to Sea World or Disneyland if things got boring at the beach. But I am telling you right now you won't see any of that on this vacation. Just alot of sun, sand, surfing and smiles.
I don't know if I mentioned it but this vacation is Terry's 40th birthday celebration. Terry just loves surfing he has always had a passion for the ocean. And of course any kind of board under his feet that provides a challenge puts a smile on his face. Terry and Troy are like a package deal you can't have one without loving the other. So here they are the two brothers that I have loved watching them enjoy so much of the same things. Two brothers + one ocean = 2 BIG SMILES! Love these boys!
As soon as we were unpacked and ready for the week we hit the beach and we had so much fun surfing, body boarding, and playing in the sand. I of course had the most fun just watching all the kids playing together without arguing and working together. That is always a mothers favorite part. It was hard to leave the beach that night to go back to the house for dinner. But just a 1 minute walk made it easier because we could always come back if we wanted.
June 24th the big boys woke up early to hit the morning surf. Me and the kids however, felt it was necessary to stay in bed and sleep just a little longer. After a while the boys came back and made us breakfast then we all headed to the beach for day full of beach! All day long we would just take little trips back to the house for this or that. Then back to the beach until sunset it was simply perfect.
Have I ever mentioned how much I just love this man? I love him to death and we just have so much fun together. He is so organized, smart, silly, and cute all at the same time. And he also knows how to put up with me and my semi-crazy attitudes that I might get from time to time. Happy Birthday Loverboy!
I also must say good ol' Kaye and Chuck sure did something right when they raised these boys because they are the best fathers I know. Both Terry and Troy take parenting to a whole new level. They both find it important to teach their kids to have fun but to work hard when they need to. They don't just let their kids get away with everything because its the easy way out. And they both take the extra energy it takes to play and teach their kids.
July 25th Treg has been wanting to go early morning surfing with the boys. So last night he went to be before anyone else so he could wake up earlier then everyone! So we wet suited up and away we headed to the beach. I was there to take photos and watch my cute boys play. Treg had a good time but after a few times he found it funner to play in the sand.. The water was a little to cold without the sun to warm him back up.
We had to take a few family photos just for the heck of it which I have to say I really like how they turned out.
The highlight of Tregs trip was when he found this sand dollar in the sand. I could not believe it. I have been looking for one of those every time I go near a beach for 30 years now and have never found one. Well I think I found one when I was about his same age when we visited grandma up in Washington state but since then I have never seen a real one. So I explained to him how magical that really was.
June 26th we took a trip all the way down Balboa Avenue to Newport beach. It was just fun to shop the shops for fun souvenirs and watch all the fun boats go by. We again took some family photos on this cool tree on the way to the beach.
Then we took a little walk down the pier and Uncle Troy bought everyone ice cream cones. But by the time they got to Troys cone it was so soft it ended up melting right off his cone before we could take the photo... Dang now that was one soft cone! We did have fun watching the skim boarders and the fun beach activities.
Another one of my favorite family photos. Its a good thing Troy was there to be our photographer so we didn't have to keep setting up the timer and running back to smile. Man that can be embarrassing in a place like this.
But look at this group of smiles. Man I love all these people like crazy. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I am Troys girls Aunt not mother. But I sure love them and I hope they know that. This trip just wouldn't be the same without everyone here.
June 27th took the day and drove to Laguna and beached at Woods Cove to do a little snorkeling and exploring the tide pools. We climbed along the rocks and had fun exploring all the little creatures of the sea.
Then we all got our wetsuits on except Treg didn't want to so he snorkeled for a little without his wetsuit but just got too cold and went back to the beach to play with Troys girls while we explored the bigger creatures of the sea.
Bowdee's highlight of the trip was when we saw these Tiger Sharks when we were snorkeling. It was crazy the biggest one we saw was the size of Terry's leg and it started swimming right toward Bowdee. That gave his heart a good shock then a nice relief when it swam past him. But he was able to capture this great photo before it swam away.
June 28th Terry's highlight of this trip was all the early morning surf sessions him and his boys got in. He just loves to go out there for hours and try and try to catch those waves. He did catch a few good ones which kept him coming back for more and more. I went a few times with him but I had more fun taking the photos and recording their surf session.
I got better photos then this of him surfing but, this one shows his smile the best. You can really tell he is having the time of his life!
We went to Costco and they had these foam boards there that were big and perfect for me and the kids to learn on. So just for $100 bucks each we got one and Troy got one to let the kids have some fun on them. This is a great shot of Bowdee having some fun in the weee morning hours.
After the last 2 days of traveling to other beaches we felt the need to stay back at our beach and have some more relaxing fun. So sandcastle competitions began... Boys against the girls this is what they boys came up with...
This is what the girls came up with... I still can't decide the winners so you can be the judges. I guess all that really matters is that both teams had fun working together to create something so special and temporary!!! I always have a hard time watching them wash away. :(
So we go the surf boards for the kids to learn on.. Then I hired the 2 hottest surf instructors there were... :) Then off to the races they went.
Matia's highlight of the trip was "seeing the dolphins and surfing". Matia wanted to be first so here she is tearing it up. She went for quite a while and when her lesson was up there was this cute boy who came running up to her asking her what her name was. He kept following her around saying your a pretty good surfer. Then he was body boarding by her. She was so embarrassed she would just keep quite but pretty interested in him as well. So silly!
Next it was Tregs lesson turn and of course this was his second time surfing since he took an early morning session with his dad a few days earlier. So he picked up on it pretty quickly and would ride all the way into the sand.
Then Bowdee was last and he pretty much just took words of advice from my hot instructor and away he went. They all loved the new surf board and found it pretty easy yet challenging to get up.
We spent the day again playing on the beach and having a good time. We even went to Huntington to walk around a little street shopping they had set up. I think we were all tired and a little sad to know that our fun trip was almost over...
The last night on the beach we had a little photo session in front of the setting sun. It was fun to make the moment last a little longer. We were all so sad to know tomorrow we would be leaving this beautiful place and going back to reality!
This was the boys endless summer photo... Pretty cute huh!
We packed up and left the house by 11:00 :( so sad! We drove and drove and drove until we hit Mesquite and we just couldn't drive any more. So we booked a hotel room and the kids hit the pool while I was perfectly happy to sit next to the AC reading a book. When I went out for pizza this is the reason I was so happy to sit in the hotel... I MELT in the HEAT and have been known to become irrational. So as quick as I could I headed back to the hotel... If I had known it was that hot I would have ordered delivery!
And that my friends will sum up the events of the best beach vacation we have ever had. Thank you Terry and Troy for making it such a fun time for me and the kids. It was a vacation I know we will never forget "The Most Perfect Beach Vacation Ever"