Monday, November 15, 2010

Championship - The Perfect Season

Saturday Nov 13th was a big day for the Townsend family. You see 4 months ago Bowdee started playing Football with a team he has really enjoyed. He has this passion for football that I think came from my brother Kyle. We were never really into it or enjoyed it until Bowdee came along and shared his passion with us. So we have been taking him to practice 3 times a week and watching for most of it. Then going to his weekly games and working their way up to this day. The day of the final championship of the Northern Utah County Football Tournament. With the banners on the houses, cars painted, faces painted, cheerleaders at the game, balloons, banners, and donuts being passed around. The excitement was thick in the air. They got to play at PG High with a artificial turf and bleachers and everything. It came down to West Lake which is in Saratoga Springs and our team. Our team is now 9-0 which means nobody beat them the whole year and we had very few points against us. Anyway the boys won by 31-0 and very close to another touch down (like 2 yards away) with the ball. I don't think the coaches could have been more excited and proud of these boys. It was nice to see something they have worked so hard for turn out sooo good. It was fun to watch their excitement and brotherness between these boys and I must say I am sad to see it end. But I am so proud of all Bowdee's hard work. He played center which I learned was a big responsibility. If he had a bad snap it would affect the whole team. But he did well with the pressure and he loved defending the quarterback. He also loved playing left tackle on defense. If you know Bowdee you know he is not afraid of a good hit and he loves to hit hard. Good job Bowdee you played very well!
Today was also Treg and Terrys last Basketball game. It was a short season only 4 weeks long with 2 games a week. But it was fun to watch short little Treg get out there and defend like a mad man. And the way he dribbled was so cute. We had a rough season playing against players that were easily a head taller then our team. But it was good taught the boys that wanted to play that they had to play tough. I don't think they won one game this season. But next year we will get them for sure. Treg did make about 10 game time baskets which was awesome considering his size. He is defiantly one of the smallest 1st graders to play basketball this year. So we came home after some good games. Watched some Utes football, made some warm cookies, visited my parents then went to JCW'S to celebrate 2 good seasons. Remember boys love what you do and do it with love.