Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 15-21 First Rodeo

April 15th Monday - Today was such a sad day it was the Boston Marathon. Which my friend has had a dream to be able to run in and do her best. Well she made it and she ran a great time and as she crossed the finish line she noticed how many families and friends were there to support their loved ones. What a great way for family and friends to support their loved one accomplish such an amazing accomplishment. Just 20 minutes after she crossed the finish line the first bomb went off in the crowd. A couple minutes later another bomb went of a few blocks away which was the location her family was headed to before they decided to turn around. They would have been there at the wrong time. Luckily my friend and her family was ok but what a terrible ending to an amazing accomplishment. How horrible can people be to even think of this horrible act. I am so thankful for all the helpful hearts that we feel around the world praying for Boston and everyone this bomb has affected. My heart goes out for those in Boston on this horrible day.
April 17th Wednesday - Today, was another one of those busy days. The relief society presidency came to meet me and I had a million things I had to do before that. It was nice to sit down and talk with them a little but, as soon as they were gone I was up and running again. I had a fabulous lunch at Dear Lizzy with my dear friends Miss Mindee and Tara. As we were there talking what seemed like the perfect atmosphere it hit me... Kristi you have the most amazing friends ever and you are so blessed to have these great women in your life. I seriously love all my friends and I hope they know I would do anything for them. It still amazes me that these great ladies want to be my friend but wow I will take it!
Right after lunch I picked up Matia and we met my dad & mom... They were driving their truck and horse trailer and we were headed to Herriman to look at an amazing horse. Her name is Sally and owner was Kaylee. The first year they did 4-H they took Grand Champion Then the next 2 years they made the state team and did awesome. So my mom and dad bought her for $850 so that one of the kids can ride her for 4-H since Robbie and Jake aren't doing the best. I felt bad for Kaylee because this horse has been her best friend from 11-16 years old and she cried as we drove off. I have felt that heartbreak when I lost my Sassy, and I feel for this sweet girl that is going through the same thing. I think she will be a great addition to the ranch she has a very sweet personality and seems to really want to please you. We got home unloaded her and away me and Tia rushed to Hope of America.
Matia participated in the Hope of America program at BYU. She has been SOOO excited about this since they started practicing for it in the fall. She loves to perform and she really puts a lot of expression into it. Terry and the boys all had soccer practice so they couldn't make it. Not that they would have gone anyway they had decided Hope of America just wasn't for them. So me and Tia had a mother daughter night and we LOVED it. We stopped by Subway for Matia's favorite 12" Cold Cut Combo and away we went. I sat by my friend Jerianne which made it fun to have someone to talk to. And the performance was so amazing! I seriously loved it, thank you Matia for such an amazing night.
April 18th Thursday - Wow our Thursdays are just getting so busy I am going to pull my hair out if there is one more thing that is added to our Thursday schedule. Today was especially crazy we had Craig the farrier come again to trim Sally's hooves. They were so long that yesterday when Izak was loping her she tripped right down to her face and he nearly fell off. I didn't want that happening again so he came to help out. Bowdee and Tia had dental check-ups which turned out perfect, then Bowdee had his first baseball practice. He made the White Sox team, he doesn't know many people on the team but that's ok. Tia had dance then Guss (an amazing papered miniature standard poodle) showed up to bred Daisy. That was weird to say the least to be scheduling my dog's happy moment with a stranger! Brian turned out to be nice it took a while because Guss is only 17" tall so they had to get creative. Hopefully, in 63 days we will get the perfect liter of F1-B Labra-doodles that should be Dash's size!
While they were getting that fun job done, I took the kids up to 4-H at the equestrian park. It was super busy but the sad part was Jake freaked out when we got there and pulled way down on the lead rope being tied up and burned his face. His lip was bleeding and his face was scraped. The poor boy didn't look good at all so Bowdee didn't want to ride anyone else and had a horrible night. I try so hard to make this a fun experience for that boy and it always seems to backfire. I put him on Trigger because he was doing so good for me and he spooked and took off running and after that Bowdee was done. I don't blame him Trigger can be intimidating but WOW he looked so good on him while it lasted! Jake has been such a good horse for Bowdee but I am afraid Bowdee is beyond Jake. Jake needs a new family that has young children who only want to be walked around. He is still a good horse but I think he was telling Bowdee that he doesn't have enough juice left in him for Bowdee's abilities. We love you Jake-boy!
April 19th Friday - At 4:00 we loaded up 4 horses and headed to the equestrian park. I sure hope some day we have a riding arena big enough to practice barrels and poles some day. But for now we head to Highland. We made an appointment with Kaylee (the girl we bought Sally from) to come and teach us Sally's cues and help Tia and Tayla get ready for their first race on Sunday. She was awesome it was nice because she has really been struggling with the sell of Sally so it was nice for her to see her again and help us out. She is a sweet girl who can really help us know what to do with 4-H and work toward scholarships with it. We brought her over after to see the farm and she seemed to really be excited about it. Then Terry and I went to the preschool house to turn on the sprinklers to get the yard looking nice to sell.
April 20th Saturday - Bowdee's baseball practice, Coach Treg's Soccer game, Coach Matia's soccer game, watch Bowdee's soccer game, lunch from Sonic, pole bending and barrels practice then our friends Adi and Amy came to visit. We let them feed the goats, I am not so sure they were as excited as I was but it was fun to watch them anyhow. Bowdee took Adi for a very short horse ride to the road and back. Sally was being excited and Bowdee wasn't to confident on her yet so they came back and decided to just mess around on the farm. Around 7:00 they went to play night games up by our old church with a bunch of friends. They rode Amy's tandem bike over and when it was time to come home the bike was gone. So sad that you can't leave a bike for 2 hours and expect it to be in the same place. Poor Amy! She loved her bike and now it is gone. Dang people, why, why are they like that?
April 21st Sunday - Our First Rodeo! We have never been involved in a rodeo before no matter how big or small so we had no idea what to expect. I guess that is why we chose to go to Lake Shore Giles arena and participate in the CUBRA rodeo this Sunday. We figured Sunday would be a less congested day and fewer participants making it all crazy and confusing. We were right this was the perfect first rodeo experience. We told our kids not to expect any winnings but just the experience of how to get in and out of the barn and to know when to go. It was worth the $73.00 fee so we would know what to expect the next time. Bowdee was the only one who placed in both poles and barrels. He got 3rd in poles and we DQed in all other events. I guess if you break pattern at all then it is a DQ. So see we learned a lot today and we had a fun time with Kye and his family while we were at it.
After we got home Terry and I headed up to Costco and then to the preschool for our last layer of mud on those walls. It was one of those times we didn't get too much done but we had fun talking and laughing while we were doing it. We are trying to not think of how much there is left to do but just do what we feel like doing at that moments and it worked no arguing this time. We came home got cleaned up and headed to Kyles house for a campfire and hot dogs. Kami and Iz came and we just enjoyed the night talking and laughing. Man I sure love our family and I love that we do so much together these days.