Saturday, March 12, 2011

Matia's 9th Birthday

So today my baby girl turned 9 years old. It is just crazy to me, but I have loved every minute of it. Watching her grow from a totally dependant infant to an independent loveable sweet young girl. She has been waiting for her birthday so she could be served breakfast in bed... So here you go breakfast in bed.

At lunch time my mom and I checked her, Daisy, and Treg out of school and we took them to build a bear. My mom gave them some money to build whatever animal they wanted. It was perfect they loved getting out of school then spending time with grandma and to make a new stuffed friend on top of it was amazing!

Matia is such a social girl at school. She always finds a way to befriend everyone she meets. So when we were planning her party we had a VERY hard time limiting it to just 10 girls. Last year we found this amazing deal on these kits where you sew these little build a bears together. She loves sewing so we bought enough to make it a party. Thanks to my amazing friends who helped make it possible.

We sewed our bears together, weighed them, filled our their birth certificates, played a few games, ate cake and ice cream and opened presents. Matia loves all her friends but she has a hard time with all the excitement and attention on her so even though it was amazing we decided this is her last year for a BIG party.

After her party we had her favorite french dip sandwiches then we opened our gifts to her. Of course she loved her American Girl Doll Julie, she was amazed at the bunkbeds and was excited to stay up all night sewing the matress, blankets and pillows for the girls.

Matia I love you to pieces I hope you know that. You light up my life and make me smile whenever I think of all the kind things you do for other people every day of your life. Thank you for your examples of friendship and kindness! You are truely amazing! Happy Birthday my best girlfriend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy Nights

So during the week we have started working on the basement. We just ran the electrical and rough plumbing for the kitchen. It was a nasty job with all the insulation but it has to be done. So here is a before photo.

Then Bowdee and I decided to start working on a small project for Matia's Birthday see she is getting a doll that she has wanted for over 3 years. Terry finally caved in and bought it for her. Of course it is for her birthday but Bowdee wanted to do something for her to go along with it. So we started making her some bunk beds for her dolls. Bowdee and I have enjoyed working together and learning at the same time.

Then we have her build a bear birthday coming up so I have been decorating the house, making cakes, and getting the party ready. Bowdee is still in scouts, piano, and doing fabulous in school.
Matia is in gymnastics, dance, and swimming lessons. Treg is in gymnastics as well and swimming lessons. Its busy but it keeps us all going and happy.

Treg also just performed in his class play at school the "King Bidgood's in the Bathtub" Play he was a narrator and he did a fabulous job. He is so animated it made it fun to watch all his actions. Good job Treg we loved watching your performance!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wendover w/ My Girls

So my girls and I were talking and we figured the only time we would get away until June, for a short weekend away would be the first weekend in March. So Friday we sent the kids off to school packed our bags and headed to Wendover. Well okay we first stopped at Red Robin for lunch then to Ross for some Dancin Clothes.

Then it was our nice drive out to Wendover for a free room and to just sit around and breath. Terry always asks what do we do in Wendover that we enjoy so much. So this is what we do... We got our room then drove to Smiths for some snacks, got a Red Box movie.

Ate at Arby's and talked there until 11:00 then we went back to the room. Watched our movies while I worked on my clipboard projects and Holly slept, Tonja enjoyed Eat, Love, Pray. Fell asleep around 3:00. Slept in, showered, Tonja gave free pedicures and hair cuts. Then they both straightened my hair for me. We went for lunch at Pizza Hut and shopped the family dollar. Then Kami and Emilee showed up for the Jagertown Concert. So we found them just 1 door down from ours and went to the Peppermill for the show. Emilee and I played $20.00 on 21, I came out $70 ahead. Then we danced our selves silly until 2:30 in the morning.

We drug ourselves to our rooms and crashed until 10:00 the next morning. I didn't fall asleep until 5:00... I swear I just don't sleep well without Terry. Anyhow we got up and showered, cleaned up, headed to the car, but had to gamble our free money away first. Made about 20$ more on the slot machines then ate at Subway and headed home. On the way home we decided we all wanna get skinny so we devised a plan to help each other be healthier and then we went home. That was our fun, nice relaxing weekend. And now it is over but I just can't tell you how lucky I feel to be apart of such great girls! So as you can see it is not so much as what we do as who we are with and how we feel!